What are Organic Social Media Efforts?

What are Organic Social Media Efforts?

100% natural and time-fed.

We’re not saying that filling your Instagram feed with greenery will help you find succulents – errr, we mean success – in advertising your business on social media, but there is something organic that will do just the trick.

Organic efforts consist of efforts that require time, not dollars. WAIT! Did we just see you do a happy dance to hear that paid advertising is not required? Keep on dancing.

Engaging with your target audience with likes, comments, direct messages, and providing new and relevant content are simple organic efforts that can help your business gain exposure and a genuine following. This approach can be very humbling as you will get what you give.

Imagine if you set 30 minutes aside every morning to engage with others and perform your outreach. You will set a great pace for the day! You’d be replying to comments users leave on your posts and answering direct messages until you make it to lunch. Then, you may engage further with new followers you’ve earned from your morning outreach efforts. By the time you are done meeting with a potential new client at the end of the day, you may have a handful of new notifications to address before you kick your feet up.

Now, what if you set aside 1 or 2 hours of engagement in the morning? Would you be able to keep up with the message coming in or would it start to feel a bit overwhelming?

It is natural to feel overwhelmed by this, so do not throw in the towel just yet. If having a presence on social media is important for you and your business but you do not have the time on your hands, let’s chat about community engagement services at Wingnut Social. Helping interior designers thrive on social media is what we’re passionate about, and that’s what our customized approach is all about.

*Note: Organic efforts do not include signing up for a free app that will follow/unfollow users on your behalf. If you’d like to learn more about this, let us know.

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