Full-Service Social Media Management

Our process begins with an in-depth on-boarding call.

We’ll come prepared to answer questions, deep dive into your business, and start to define your social media goals.

You’ll get everything included in our social media strategy.

It’s seriously the maximum amount of value we can provide.

We’ll present the plan for your full approval and start creating content the second you sign off!

You’ll see everything for approval two weeks at a time. All of your content will be created custom for you and your audience. We’ll spend all the time you wish you had curating your images, hashtags, and captions.

As well as monthly reports on your metrics!

We’ll also tag all your content so we can test and learn what approaches are really working. Your monthly reporting will provide a detailed view of your social performance as well as our plans to evolve and optimize. We’ll even include the deets on your closest competitors.

What would a memorable, dynamic social media presence do for your interior design firm?

And how can you make that happen? You could hire a full-time marketing pro—and take on that full-time investment—or you can let us do what we do best. Reach out to tell us about your business and learn more about our menu of options.

GrOH! Playrooms Testimonial

Happy Client!! The social media strategy Wingnut Social provided was extremely helpful and valuable. My business saw a shift when I hired Wingnut Social for full-service social media management and I finally started getting leads from Instagram and Facebook. I've been getting a lot of comments about how much people like my Instagram profile, and so do I! "

— Yvonne Harty, Harty Interiors

Which social platforms should you focus on?


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