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How We Get You Web Traffic with an SEO Audit

We dig in where others don’t go.

We want people to discover your website and your services. But it takes some SEO know-how to make this happen, which our audit provides.

We explore all of your technical web stats, plus we dive into the backend of your website to check for things that most SEO audits don’t examine. We look at your metadata, information architecture, naming conventions, SEO optimization of your content, and more.

All of this helps us formulate a plan so you can optimize your website for search.

Then we’ll craft a custom plan.

Your SEO strategy makes sense of all of the technical SEO data for you, with clear directions for how you can fix the problems yourself on your specific website platform.

The audit is your playbook for exactly what to do to help your website be found by those searching for services like yours.

SEO is ongoing. We’ll provide things you should fix right away (and tell you which ones those are) as well as giving you longer-term strategies. You will come back to this plan again and again to see if you’re optimizing for the keywords provided or to determine if your blog posts are optimized for search.

Let’s Get Specific

Here are a few insights your audit will include:

On-Page SEO

Are you using headers properly to appear in organic search results? Do your pages have enough words on them? Is your blog driving the traffic it should? Do you have any broken internal or external links on your pages?


Is your metadata and social media metadata customized for each page? Is it optimized with best practices to appear in search? Do you have duplicate metadata on your site?

Organic Search Keywords

What keywords should you focus on to get potential clients to your site?

Site Structure

Does your URL structure and organization of your site invite visitors?


Who’s linking to your site now? Are any of those toxic? Should you be pursuing more backlinks?

Follow-Up Consultation

Have any questions about how to implement the changes? We’re available for a one-hour call to answer any of your questions.


The most comprehensive SEO Audit I have ever witnessed... They covered and 'uncovered' things/issues/ideas that were completely off of my radar! "

— Tanna Edler, TANNA BY DESIGN

What makes Wingnut Social’s SEO audit different from others?

Most SEO audits out there are simply a print out from a computer program that analyzes your website. There is little, if any, human work that goes into it. And they almost never login to the back end of your site themselves.

At Wingnut Social, on the other hand, SEO experts will go into the back end of your website and observe all sorts of areas of your site that those computer programs can’t assess. You’ll also receive the fancy computer program report from us, but it will be delivered in tandem with personalized analyses and attention to detail.  

The recommendations we provide will be written specifically for you and include instructions on how to effectively implement SEO changes on your site that are tailored to your specific website, business and web platform, not generic instructions.

You will receive an hour of consulting as well, so we can answer any questions you have about implementation. 

Will this improve my SEO?

The audit is the first step in improving your SEO. You will need to make the changes recommended in the audit to fix any SEO problems on your site. SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity.

To really start ranking for search keywords, you will need to continually add new content to your website, such as adding blog posts that are specifically optimized for search engines.

What is the process for the SEO audit?

You will fill out an onboarding questionnaire and provide access to your website. We will then begin working on the audit, producing a technical report.

Next, we will take a look at the back end of your website to examine your current website copy, heading structure, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, and more.

After we’ve reviewed everything, we’ll write up a detailed report for you, roughly 10-20 pages, and produce a substantial technical report, roughly 30-100 pages.

After we send these documents to you, you can schedule a one-hour call to answer any questions you may have. 

Will I be able to do the work myself?

We focus on providing thorough instructions on how you can complete as much as possible on your own. However, much of this depends on your website platform.

Some people have little control over the back end of their website and, therefore, must hire a developer to do the work. Others can make all of the changes themselves.

The more ability you have to customize your website yourself via the back end of the site, the more you will be able to do yourself. Clients who use Squarespace, for example, can usually complete all or almost all of the work themselves.

Which social platforms should you focus on?


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