Case Study: Design-Build Firm


This design-build came to us in need of a solution for building brand awareness and brand authority online as a Chicago design-build firm.

In their words, they wanted to “show up in the industry and be known, heard and seen” and increase their credibility. They also wanted to attract followers and potential leads around the U.S. and specifically in Chicago and differentiate themselves from their competitors.


In order to build brand awareness and authority, Wingnut Social needed to ensure that they had a clear brand voice and style online. We created an in-depth Instagram strategy and SEO audit to inform our choices.

Their confident, creative and approachable brand voice, while emphasizing their expert skills in project management for large design-build jobs, differentiated them from competitors in their area.

To attract clients, we determined their website needed some SEO work.

Instagram Content

We constructed a strategic content mix of interior design, interior architecture (to emphasize the “build” aspect of their business), and lifestyle photos of their team.

We also put a large emphasis on the client’s personal passion for personal growth, self-care and celebrating women in business. In order to increase engagement and, in turn, impressions, we used highly engaging questions in their captions to provoke replies in the comments.

Website SEO Maintenance

Wingnut knew that SEO would be just the thing that they needed to “show up” online. We optimized their site for search so that they would appear in Google search results, thus, increasing their brand visibility online, allowing more potential clients to discover them.

We did extensive keyword research to optimize their website for local Chicago searches. After the initial website revision took place, we optimized their site on an ongoing basis including link building.

Blog & Landing Pages

Along with website SEO maintenance, we determined that an active blog, heavily optimized for SEO, would increase their visibility online. For our blogs, our goal was to increase their organic search results, increasing web traffic and leads.

Not only did this help their organic search results, it also provided relevant and useful content for their target audience. We promoted this blog content on their social media as well, linking to them in their bio.

To gain leads from their blogs, we created specific landing pages on key topics we were targeting and linked them internally in the blogs.


This design-build client experienced a dramatic increase in exposure to their brand and traffic to their website. In the first three months of working with Wingnut Social, the client’s Instagram increased 20,400% for impressions, 48,300% for engagements and their followers more than doubled.

Also in the first three months, we increased their website visibility to 12 times that of their competitors and increased their average Google search position by 27 spots. Organic search traffic increased by 27%.

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Attentive, brilliant and state of the art! They deeply care about their clientele. Smart minds on the team are behind every action they take to help build your brand.

Joan Ravasy, Joan Ravasy Design

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