Social Media Audit and Strategy

How We Broaden Your Reach with a Social Media Audit

Our process begins with an in-depth onboarding call.

We’ll come prepared to answer questions, deep dive into your business, and start to define your social media goals.

Then we’ll write you a custom strategy.

The social media audit we’ll deliver will be more than just metrics and best practices—it will be your personal Rosetta Stone for all things social media.

Our strategy will be set up to serve as a grounding playbook. You’ll be able to return regularly to gut-check your posts, keep your brand consistent (aka trustworthy), and make sure you’re on track to hit your goals.

These actionable rules of engagement will allow you to pressure-test posts, plans to optimize, and all future moves you make in the social space.

Let’s Get Specific

Here are a few insights your strategy will include:

Competitive Analysis: Who You’re Up Against

Where are your competitors, what are they doing, and how have they found success? And, of course, how can you position your brand in ways that truly differentiate you against what’s already out there?

Current Performance: Where You Are Now

What sort of content is performing well for you know? What practices should we keep and which should we prune?

Positioning: Who You are Online

What image are you presenting? Does it reflect the best of you?

Your Voice: Tone and Persona

Are you chill and laid back? Affirming and enthusiastic?! Perhaps a little… sly and sarcastic?

Your Aesthetic: Visuals and Imagery

What kind of imagery should you focus on? What colors and styles will keep your brand cohesive— and make you stand out from competitors?

Content Pillars: What to Post About

What content will your audience be into? And how much will they want to hear from you?

Plus tips for stories, video, hashtags, captions, ways to engage with your followers, and how to get those ever-changing algorithms to work in your favor. It’s really the maximum amount of value we can provide—short of taking over your accounts. (And we’ll be happy to do that too.)

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