Social Media Services: Common Questions

What makes Wingnut Social’s social media services different?

Our clients receive a custom social strategy that has clear direction. We never create content at random or deliver pre-written templates. Your social strategy and content will be designed specifically for you to ensure that your business goals are being met.

As we manage your social plan and content creation, our team will meet weekly to review your stats and assess your current direction, making adjustments as necessary. To make certain you’re on the right path, we devise a testing plan to collect data that will back up the direction of your account. 

How long does it take to get started?

From signing with us to the first wave of content being published, it takes roughly three weeks to get started. The onboarding process for new clients involves a robust discovery process that includes: a deep-dive interview,  providing access to accounts, technical setup of accounts, crafting custom social media strategy, creating initial content, approvals, and more. 

From day one, we’ll send you an email with everything you need to provide us with and a timeline for the onboarding process. We provide full transparency, so you’ll know when we need assistance with content approvals and when to expect your content to begin running. 

Where do you get images from?

Our clients provide us with images. Some clients also wish to repost content that has already been shared on social platforms. We can locate content to repost, or you can save content you’d like to consider for reposting.

We also provide basic photo editing, if needed, and create basic graphic design templates (such as a quote graphic) to utilize in your content strategy. Any work that requires a professional who specializes in photo editing or graphic design will be an additional cost. 

What if I don’t have enough images?

It’s our job to ensure you have the right amount of content to be lively and active on social, regardless of the number of images you have on hand. When writing your custom social media strategy, we’ll take the number of images you have into account and suggest a variety of content pillars that will appeal to your audience. 

How do you ensure my brand voice is being communicated through the posts?

We spend time getting to know you! We look at content you’ve created (websites, blogs, social content, videos, etc.), have meetings with you and we make sure that we have your personality and branding captured to align with the content we provide. All of this information informs the way we express your unique brand voice in your captions. Your social media strategy also has a complete section on voice and messaging to reach your ideal client.

Remember, we can nail the tone of voice for your brand, but we can’t know the exact wording you have in your mind. Working with a social media agency means you’ll have to release a little bit of control but – lucky for you – you’ll be in good hands. Let go and let Wingnut.

What sort of reporting do you provide?

We meet as a team weekly to analyze your stats and discuss necessary changes to your strategy, if any are needed.  We provide weekly feedback and updates on your account performance so you can see your growth and reach with every step.   Your strategy is a living, breathing ongoing marketing plan. 

Do I get to approve the posts?

Of course! You will be able to log in to our software to approve posts, leave comments on a post for changes or reject a post. No post will go live until you have marked it as approved. We will provide two weeks of content at a time for your approval.

How do you manage comments?

We respond to all comments on our clients’ accounts from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. all week long.  We use secure software that allows us to see all comments on all of your accounts in one place and track which comments need responding to. This enables us to respond to your fans in a timely manner. Community engagement is so important to build those relationships and attract ideal clients!

We will keep an eye on direct messages as well and alert you when hot leads come in and direct them to the next steps for working with you. Can’t beat that, right?

Do I need to post myself?

That depends on the client’s package. If, for example, a client hired Wingnut Social to manage his or her Instagram feed, but not Instagram Stories, we would highly recommend that the client post regularly to Stories.

No matter the package, we’ll provide suggestions on the sort of content you should post. Ultimately, the amount of work – some or none – is entirely up to you. 

What social media platforms do you manage?

We can manage any platforms you’d like us to! We have many years of experience managing all sorts of social media platforms for a variety of brands.

Social media accounts we can manage include: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Business Profile and Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, Facebook reviews and more.

Do you offer social media advertising?

Yes! We offer social media advertising and Google ads. If you’re interested in this, please discuss it with your sales representative.

How do you develop a custom social media strategy?

First, we do a deep dive discovery process and get to know you, your brand, and your business goals. Then, we research your competitors and determine how to differentiate your brand on social media. While we definitely believe a rising tide lifts all boats, competitor research is very important in digital marketing to help your firm stand out when your ideal client is trying to find you. 

Once we’ve completed our research, we’ll provide an in-depth, 13-22 page strategy document along with a Social Media Best Practices guide, which is only provided to Wingnut clients. Then you schedule a one-hour call to answer all questions that you have about implementing the strategy.

Will I be able to implement the social media strategy myself?

Yes! It is designed so that clients can implement the strategy themselves. All of the information you need will be there in the strategy. However, sometimes clients find it overwhelming to successfully manage both their social media and their business.

Therefore, you may choose which aspects of the strategy you can successfully manage right now and which you’ll want to focus on in the future. 

What if I need help with the implementation of the social media strategy?

We’re here to help! Clients who find themselves a bit overwhelmed with trying to implement the strategy hire us to consult with them. In these cases, we meet with them periodically to discuss the progress of their accounts, bounce ideas around and share our expertise. Others choose to hire us for full-service social media management. 

How many platforms is the social media strategy for?

An in-depth social media strategy is developed for one social media account. However, you can purchase strategies for as many platforms as you like!

How long until I receive my social media strategy?

Our social media strategy is a long, involved document. For that reason, it may take up to a month from the time of your onboarding call to the delivery of the strategy.

What are the deliverables for a social media strategy?

We provide a document, roughly 13-22 pages, with all of the details for your chosen platform. We also include a proprietary Social Media Best Practices Guide that is only available to Wingnut Social clients.

What makes Wingnut Social’s SEO audit different from others?

Most SEO audits out there are simply a print out from a computer program that analyzes your website. There is little, if any, human work that goes into it. And they almost never login to the back end of your site themselves.

At Wingnut Social, on the other hand, SEO experts will go into the back end of your website and observe all sorts of areas of your site that those computer programs can’t assess. You’ll also receive the fancy computer program report from us, but it will be delivered in tandem with personalized analyses and attention to detail.  

The recommendations we provide will be written specifically for you and include instructions on how to effectively implement SEO changes on your site that are tailored to your specific website, business and web platform, not generic instructions.

You will receive an hour of consulting as well, so we can answer any questions you have about implementation. 

Will this improve my SEO?

The audit is the first step in improving your SEO. You will need to make the changes recommended in the audit to fix any SEO problems on your site. SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity.

To really start ranking for search keywords, you will need to continually add new content to your website, such as adding blog posts that are specifically optimized for search engines.

What is the process for the SEO audit?

You will fill out an onboarding questionnaire and provide access to your website. We will then begin working on the audit, producing a technical report.

Next, we will take a look at the back end of your website to examine your current website copy, heading structure, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, and more.

After we’ve reviewed everything, we’ll write up a detailed report for you, roughly 10-20 pages, and produce a substantial technical report, roughly 30-100 pages.

After we send these documents to you, you can schedule a one-hour call to answer any questions you may have. 

Will I be able to do the work myself?

We focus on providing thorough instructions on how you can complete as much as possible on your own. However, much of this depends on your website platform.

Some people have little control over the back end of their website and, therefore, must hire a developer to do the work. Others can make all of the changes themselves.

The more ability you have to customize your website yourself via the back end of the site, the more you will be able to do yourself. Clients who use Squarespace, for example, can usually complete all or almost all of the work themselves.

Which social platforms should you focus on?


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