The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow (2022)

The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow (2022)

Are you looking for the best interior design accounts to follow on Instagram?

Interior design is such a hit genre on the internet (which is great news for you, interior designers!) If you are looking to attract more clients, you have to show them what you can do. One of the best ways is by showing your interior design masterpieces through Instagram.

Do you need inspiration for your interior design account? There’s nothing wrong with learning from the greats. So read on to discover the best interior design Instagram accounts to follow!

1. Arch Daily (@archdaily)

There are many interior design Instagram accounts, but none are as consistent as @archdaily. Arch Daily has the most visited architecture accounts, with over 3.4 million followers on IG. In addition, they post daily images of architecture sent in by fans through the #archdaily hashtag.

They have highlights that help interior designers keep up with the latest trends. A quick glance through their account will teach you how to design and which apps you should use. Engage with them, and you might get one of their AD Awards.

They post AD topics and quizzes, which help keep their engagement up. Arch Daily is a great place to get inspiration if you want to keep your niche entertained. Arch Daily also has an email newsletter you can sign up for.

2. Justina Blakeney (@justinblakaney)

Justina Blakeney is one of the most notable interior designers on Instagram. She has over 541,000 Instagram followers and is a New York Times bestselling author. She also owns interior design accounts @theJungalow with 1.6 million followers.

She wrote The New Bohemians’ ” Cool & Collected Homes’ in 2015, which earned her a spot in NYT’s bestsellers. Her book teaches people how to DIY their very own bohemian-style homes. She has also authored two other books that are a great read for interior design lovers.

She makes terrific use of her Instagram accounts as a portfolio, showcasing her best works. She posts reels of her current work and even gives tips on how you can create posts of your own. She shows people how she creates her posts, reels, and videos through an app.

Justina’s reels include some great tips for creatives, including how she gets out of creative blocks to how she uses her artistic touch. Take a look at how she gives people a tour of her works and how she shows off her unique interior design. her iconic Jungalow style gets shown throughout their Instagram.

Justina Blakeney Alt Accounts

Justina has several Instagram accounts for different design niches.

Her most followed account, @theJungalow, is a well-known home décor account. It shows off her signature interior bohemian designs. A look through this account shows all her works, from signature throw pillows to living rooms.

Her other account, @JustinaBlakeneyHome, has over 116,000 followers. This account posts all the interior design products she sells. Through Instagram, Justine was able to get a niche following.

@JustineBlakeneyHome shows her creative process. This page is a haven for those looking for interior design inspiration. Here she shows off eccentric and one-of-a-kind bohemian interiors.

In a post, she features colorful dining set with wood accents. Comments get flooded with questions like what pain colors she chose. Her unique style has drawn a million followers and featured her in various magazines.

3. Emily Henderson (@em_hendrson)

Emily Henderson infuses function with style. Her New York Times bestselling book named STYLED explains her interior design process. She uses hashtags such as #showmeyourstyles and #showmeyourdiy to keep followers engaged.

Take reel ideas from a pro as she shows people her interior design recommendations. Are you working on an interior design project? Take your followers with you through the process.

Her reels garner over half a million views. She shows everything from affordable full-length mirrors to sofa and coffee table combos. Emily also posts about interior design trends and reels that you need to get in on.

4. Sasha Bikoff (@sashabikoff)

With millions of interior designers on Instagram, how can you stand out? Sasha Bikoff has got that answered for you. Sasha Bikoff was featured in Elle’s Decor A-List due to her unique and eccentric modern décor.

Based in New York, she’s known for her colorful and bold designs. She established her interior design firm called Sasha Bikoff Interior Design. The sleek modern era is gone, maximalist designs are now in, and Sasha is living proof.

If you’re looking for something fun and new, Sasha Bikoff can give you some great ideas. Sasha uses fun colors and incorporates them into her projects in the best way possible. Who knew an all-gold color palette could look so good?

Bikoff has a signature way in which she uses space. Using her client’s inspiration and passion, she created their own unique homes. You can find exhibits of her work at Art Basel Miami.

One of her notable collaborations was with Versace, DIFFA, and more at the Salone del Mobile. In addition, she has collaborated with many producers to create her own line of rugs and other furniture.

Darla Powell – Head Wingnut and host of the podcast Designed by Wingnut Social – also had the privilege of interviewing Sasha live and in person at High Point Market. Listen Here.

5. Sara and Rich Combs (@thejoshuatreehouse)

You would never need to go on vacation with Sara and Rich Combs. Sara and Rich Combs rent out properties and post interiors of properties they own. This strategy and formula has paid off, as they have over 301,000 followers on Instagram!

This lovely couple designs desert-themed homes perfect for vacation. Sara Combs is an artist, author, and designer living in Joshua Tree with her husband, Rich Combs.

Together, they established The Joshua Tree house. Sasha has been featured in magazines like The Refined Woman and Freda Salvador. They also rent out properties with 1% of profits going to desert conservation.

6. WGSN (@wgsn)

If you are looking for an interior design page that helps you keep up with the trends, follow @wsgn. WSGN uses data science and expert trend forecasters to help you get ahead. WGSN is an Ascential company which means they help boost e-commerce sales.

They provide information on retail analytics that can help you boost your sales, and you can do all this in the comfort of your home using e-commerce. WGSN also helps businesses with data insight and solutions.

Being aware of current trends can also help you with your digital marketing strategy.

WGSN gives companies free hacks on how they can create things that will sell in the market. From market sale trends to how you can offer your services better, WGSN is the go-to solution page.

7. Sara Gilbane (@saragilbaneinteriors)

Sara Gilbane provides great inspiration and ideas for Instagram content. Her account posts everything from wallpaper to furniture and design. Sara posts daily updates on her work and behind-the-scenes site visits.

Sara made her way to one of the Top 20 Next Wave Designers, and her modern-traditional style has earned her praise from the New York Times and Elle Decor. Her signature style combines eclecticism with elegance.

Sarah believes that using customized furniture, from the sofa to an antique centerpiece, can complete your home. Having unique pieces in your home is a luxury you should indulge in.

Sarah Gilbane’s social media has links to her website, which showcases her portfolio. There, you can also see her works in progress and her very own line of furniture. Take note of how she provides her clients with one place to learn everything about her and also get in touch.

Coming up with content ideas can be a real challenge. It’s a great idea to follow accounts with a large following to see what they are doing right. Posting something that trends and gets a lot of engagement is free advertisement. Well, almost free. Time is money, right?

8. Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler)

Kelly Wearstler is an influential interior designer based in Los Angeles. In 1995, she built her own company called – wait for it – Kelly Wearstler Interior Design. Since then, she has claimed many accolades and features in The New Yorker. (also, Darla is not so secretly obsessed.)

Her company is one of the leading global lifestyle brands in contemporary design. She has worked with many residential, retail, commercial, and even hospitality properties. Kelly’s portfolio boasts many home product designs and brand collaborations.

Kelly Wearstler makes sure to incorporate her personal style with everything she creates. This has made her designs a recognized signature. In addition, her designs give a stimulating sensory experience no other interior designer can match.

Her Instagram consists of her works ranging from her galleries to interior design. She also features her awards, such as the best new hotels in the world list she received for one of her most recent projects. Having a signature style is a great positioning tool, and Kelly has that in spades!

9. Lauren Geremia (@geremia_design)

Don’t let her small following fool you. Lauren Geremia has a large portfolio of some amazing interior design projects.

Lauren is known for her innovative designs and is the go-to person for people living in the bay area. She started her interior design journey at the prestigious RSID design school.

Lauren has been featured several times in Architectural Digest and was also selected to the Forbes 30 – under 30 list. Her studio focuses on interdisciplinary designs which incorporate fine art.

She places a big deal of importance on hand-crafted items. Architectural Digest listed her as one of the “One to Watch” and proves that quality matters most. Her Instagram shows off her recent works with glimpses into her personal life.

10. Beata Heuman (@beataheuman)

Her philosophy? Every room should sing.

This philosophy has guided Beata in her interior design journey and is reflected in her own interior design studio. Beata grew up in Sweden and worked with established London designer Nicky Haslam.

Beata Heuman’s studio has a signature look known for its imaginative style. She used her Scandinavian roots to pay great attention to detail and longevity. This won her House & Garden’s Designer of The Year Award.

Her studio has grown worldwide and has private houses in USA, UK, and Europe. One can learn a thing or two from this AD100 interior designer. Through Instagram, Beata shows her one-of-a-kind work, from animated bathrooms to living rooms.

Beata’s highlights show off the work she’s done. This includes different interior design styles to concept furniture. Take note of how she advertises products without it feeling like an advertisement.

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The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a huge platform that can help you maximize your potential. It doesn’t hurt to learn from the pros if you’re only starting. Check out these interior design Instagram accounts to get inspiration for yours!

Success on social media doesn’t only require being good at what you do. You also need to know the ins and outs of social media marketing, and that’s where we come in. Contact us today to get the best tips for growing your interior design Instagram.

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