SEO and PPC: How Can They Help Your Interior Design Business?

SEO and PPC: How Can They Help Your Interior Design Business?

Did you know that, according to GlobeNewswire, the interior design market is expected to reach over $255 billion globally by 2027? This includes a compounded annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2020 and 2027.

Considering the growth of the interior design market, you know as an interior design business owner that there’s a lot of potential for the growth of your own business in the market.

However, something you might be wondering is how you could use SEO and PPC to grow your interior design business even faster.

This said, if you don’t know how to use these important parts of a digital marketing strategy, you might be feeling stressed or unsure of how to get started.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review everything you need to know about how SEO and PPC can help your interior design business.

Finally, you can use PPC and SEO to get more clients and make more money than ever. Read on to learn more.

What Is SEO?

Before we go into how SEO and PPC can help your interior design business do better than ever, we’ll go over what SEO is. It helps to understand, first, that “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.” This means that SEO strategies are used to optimize search engine results.

For example, say that one of your ideal clients is looking to redecorate their living room.

Chances are, they’ll go to Google, where they’ll start searching for what they’re interested in. Maybe, for example, they’re looking for tips on how to find the right coffee table. Or maybe they want to learn about trending coffee tables.

They might also look up some design tips on how to get everything matched properly. Or, maybe they’ll complete a search where they look for interior design businesses near them.

With the proper SEO strategies, you can ensure that pages from your website come up closer to the top of search engine rankings or search engine results pages (SERPs). Using the right keywords is key to a successful SEO strategy.

It’s important to note that SEO strategies are used to improve organic results. This will be relevant in a bit, when we review how SEO and PPC are different.

Later in this article, we’ll review how you can do this in a way that helps your interior design business, but first, we’ll answer the question…

What Is PPC?

PPC, on the other hand, works a bit differently because you’re paying for it a bit like you would with advertisements. “PPC” literally means “pay per click.” The model is one where you pay for the advertisement only when someone clicks on it.

This is an advertisement type that is often used for search engine advertising.

When used in this context, you create a PPC ad, and you bid, using specific keywords, to show up where ads would be placed when someone looks up those specific words using a search engine.

Then, when someone clicks, you pay for that click. If your PPC campaign is effective, this isn’t much to pay. This is why it’s so important to master your PPC strategies.


While both of these strategies make it more likely that someone completing a search on a search engine will end up coming across your website content, they work slightly differently. With SEO, you’re improving your organic search results.

These are the results that appear organically, for free, when someone completes a search online. They’re usually direct links to specific pages on your website.

With PPC, on the other hand, you’re paying to have a PPC advertisement appear when someone completes a search. This will appear as an ad.

Additionally, searchers will have to click on your ad to then be sent to your website. You’ll pay for this click.

Helping Your Business

Now that we’ve reviewed what SEO and PPC are and how they are different, we’ll review how they can help your interior design business. We’ll start by reviewing the benefits of these strategies when they’re combined first.

Seen by More Potential Clients

When you use SEO, this helps you move up the ranks of organic search results. However, considering how many interior design businesses are out there, PPC ads give you that extra visibility by getting these ads higher up in front of your clients.

At the same time, a local SEO strategy can make it more likely that your potential clients will find you when they complete a local search.

A local search is when someone types something in like “interior design businesses near me.” Additionally, a local search occurs when someone completes a search on Google Maps.

More Marketing Data

One of the best things about using digital marketing strategies is that, if you use the right analytics and data collection tools, you can get access to large amounts of marketing data. As you can imagine, the more digital marketing strategies you’re using, the more information you’ll get back.

By getting marketing data from the SEO and PPC strategies you use, you’ll learn more about your potential clients.

This can help you improve these strategies. Additionally, it can help you figure out what kind of content to put out there and even which interior design services to provide.


When you use SEO and PPC strategies together, your branding efforts improve. Just imagine what it would be like if every time someone put a question into a search engine about how to redecorate a bathroom or how to choose the right curtains for a room, your interior design business would come up.

Over time, this would make you a trusted authority in your field.

With PPC ads, on the other hand, people completing these search results will start to recognize your advertisements and the specific services you mention in them.

Low Costs

When you’re focusing on improving your SEO, doing this is free, in theory. Of course, there’s all the time you would put into keyword research, creating content, and figuring out how to master SEO (such as avoiding keyword stuffing).

So it’s not entirely free, because when you spend a lot of time doing something, you are losing money. After all, you could be doing other things for your business.

However, SEO is still technically free, and this is much cheaper than many other digital marketing strategies you might be using.

PPC ads, if done correctly, can also be low-cost. If you don’t use the right strategies, such as having good landing pages, then you’ll pay for your clicks without making much money back.

However, if you use PPC correctly, you can actually have a pretty high return on investment, or ROI.

Benefits of SEO

There are some benefits that you get directly from improving your SEO. One of these is higher website traffic, as you’ll be drawing more visitors to your relevant online content when they complete an online search.

Additionally, you’ll have a strategic advantage with organic SEO. Even though it may take a while for you to rise the ranks, it looks very impressive once you have many search results at the top.

This will demonstrate to potential clients that you’re one of the best choices available to them.

Benefits of PPC

When it comes to the benefits of PPC, one of the biggest is that you get a better position on the search engine results pages. After all, you’re paying so that you appear higher than organic search results (or at least placing bids to do so).

This is why PPC is something you pay for. It really can boost your visibility, especially as you slowly build up your SEO optimization. You’ll also have improved ads and more intensive targeting.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about how SEO and PPC can help your interior design business, you might need more information. For example, maybe you want SEO tips to improve your SEO efforts or PPC tips to improve your PPC ads.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At Wingnut Social, we’re experts when it comes to SEO and PPC.

We also offer digital marketing services specifically for interior design businesses. To learn more about our services, check them out now.

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