Social Media Holidays

Social Media Holidays

  • Extending your reach

When you celebrate a social media holiday, such as National Pet Day, we recommend that you use that holiday’s hashtag. This will further allow your content to be seen by the audience that is interested in this social media holiday. What an easy way to be connected with like-minded social media friends (and potential clients)!

  • Remaining relevant

When you’re up to date on what’s happening in the social media realm, people will see that you are in touch with things that are here and now. When you’re #trendy, they may be more likely to want to follow along as they will trust your content will be fresh and relevant in the future too. Being seen as a leader on social media will encourage social media users to follow you and will in turn earn you more chances to make an impression on potential clients and referrals.

  • Starting conversation

Wallpaper Wednesday is a great trending topic that occurs every Wednesday, but how often do you get to incorporate National Ice Cream Day? Starting a fresh conversation can help you connect with your audience in a new, often light-hearted way. While it may seem like a simple conversation to talk about ice cream, it is a larger opportunity to create a genuine connection with your followers.

  • Foster community

When you strategically select social media holidays that resonate with your audience, a sense of belonging will occur for your audience as they all can relate on one topic. You may all have more in common than a love for design and appreciation for art, but you all may deeply connect with creating spaces for siblings to spend time together (nudge nudge – #NationalSibilingsDay post). Creating a community that can connect on your posts is a mark of social media strategy success.

No need to watch the trending conversations on Facebook or Twitter to learn what the social holidays are! You can plan ahead for each social media holiday here.

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