Recommendations on Facebook

Recommendations on Facebook

We may need to say goodbye to our old time friend, Reviews on Facebook.

Social Media channels (think: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are always testing new features and making subtle changes to the way they work. These changes are often put in place for the benefit of users, advertisers, or businesses.

This most recent update being tested on Facebook will leave business owners scratching their head and consumers playing a different role. Facebook reviews may fully transform into recommendations. This will not only turn the 5-star feature into a 10-point rating system, but it seems that this new system will leave room for businesses to impact their scores through engagement.

Consumers will now be empowered to post that they “recommend” or “do not recommend” a certain business. This is very black and white makes your follow-up and reaction even more important because…

It has been reported that the responsiveness of a business to recommendations and messages will impact the 10-point score of a business. Although interior designers are stretched for time, this act of quick engagement and responsiveness to recommendations and private messages could make all the difference of being a “5” instead of an “8,” for example.

It’s important to note that this rating feature would exist on Facebook business profiles and is rumored to be rolling out now. If you do not have a Facebook business profile just yet or worry that you do not have the time to handle community engagement in a timely manner, let’s chat!

Creating a strategy that helps your business strengthen and grow is essential, and in 2018 that strategy often times includes social media.

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