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Robots are Killing You on Social Media –

  On today’s episode of Wingnut Social, hosts Darla and Natalie discuss how the dreaded robots may be killing your brand. What are the robots? Have you ever opened your social media and been excited that you have 20 or 30 likes on your post,...

Making the Most of Your Pinterest Strategy with Michelle Wintersteen

Wingnut Social - Ep. 03 - Michelle Wintersteen Joining Darla and Natalie on today’s show is Michelle Wintersteen, founder of MKW Graphics in San Diego, Ca. Michelle created the company in 2014 while attending The University of San Diego, where she earned...

Stefanie Scalish: Strategy on Social–

Wingnut Social - Ep. 02 On today’s show, Darla speaks to the Chief Wingnut Specialist at Wingnut Social, Stefanie Scalish. Stefanie is super-passionate about social media and dives into it every day. She loves helping designers figure out what their...

Who is Wingnut Social? Introduction

Wingnut Social - Ep. 01 The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your...

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