Why You Should Create an Instagram AR Filter

Episode #132 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:45] Natalie misses Jeri Cerutti
  • [1:36] THE Virtual Design Industry Conference
  • [3:21] Check out the Wingnut Instagram AR filter!
  • [4:30] How to create an augmented reality filter
  • [6:16] Get creative with your filter
  • [7:07] Linda Holt’s Isolation Facebook Challenge
  • [8:25] Switch to virtual consultations and presentations
  • [10:44] Blooper Reel!

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WHY you should create an Instagram AR filter for your design business

Firstly, Darla and Natalie think it’s just a whole lotta fun. Plus, it’s simple. You can download ‘Spark AR Studio’ and follow the directions linked in the resources above to get started. It guides you through the process to create a fun filter. You can use an image, audio file, animations, etc. You can change its behavior and decide how you want your filter to look, move, or interact. 

Also, you need to get creative with your filters! You can incorporate your business logo or something similar. Perhaps you can create something glam that glitters and sparkles for your high-end clientele. It’s all about creating engagement with your followers, so they recommend going ahead and creating a challenge so they’ll use your filter. 

[NOTE: Facebook has currently suspended reviews and publishing of filters during the Coronavirus pandemic—hopefully that will change soon]. 

Keep the business afloat while working remote

Rhymes and puns aside—the design industry is stepping up and pulling together. Darla is speaking virtually for the 19 HOURS Virtual Design Industry Conference (the brainchild of LuAnn Nigara and Sarah Daniele) in lieu of what would’ve been an in-person speaking gig. 

Darla Powell interiors have shifted to doing virtual consultations and presentations with the use of modern technology—and it’s going well. Vendors are offering to do virtual tours of the showrooms and hand-delivering samples to doorsteps as-needed.

Linda Holt has launched her ‘Isolating at home cellphone photo challenge’ to increase engagement and give designers an outlet for their creativity while stuck at home. Just like creating an AR filter, It’s something fun that helps bolster your spirit. 

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