Why You Should Use Case Studies to Boost Your Business

Episode #228 the Wingnut Social Podcast

How can you incorporate case studies for your interior design business on your website? Why should you? Case studies are a testimonial with black-and-white hard numbers of what a business has accomplished for a client. In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, Darla is going to talk about two of her case studies—and why they’re so important. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:56] Real-life case studies from current clients
  • [2:40] Mini news sesh: Instagram security tips
  • [9:00] Case Study #1: Plush Couture Interiors
  • [13:27] Case Study #2: MOOD | Design + Build
  • [14:46] Learn about designing custom furniture with Build Lane!
  • [22:10] Join Wingnut Premium to learn more about creating a strategy
  • [24:59] The wackiest Wingnut blooper reel!

Resources & People Mentioned

Case Study #1: Plush Couture Interiors

When Teresa Gonzalez contacted Wingnut Social, she was relocating from LA to Portland, Oregon. Her business needed to establish a presence in a completely new demographic. She needed to adapt her brand voice to attract clients in Portland. So Wingnut Social created a strategy that focused on branding using consistency in voice, messaging, and imagery. They also made sure she was known for luxury design and as a lifestyle influencer. 

How did Wingnut make it happen? By interspersing Teresa’s feed with both luxury and inspirational content, while including images of Teresa. They also made sure to write posts in Teresa’s voice so it reflected her approachable personality. They wrote posts to engage her audience and start conversations. Followers would also learn about what Plush Couture could do for them. They also researched hashtags to use based on analytics and customized them to each post to reach more Instagram users who weren’t yet followers. 

What were the results? In the first 2–3 months her account saw an increase of over 12,000% in impressions, over 7,800% increase in engagements (likes, comments, shares, saves), and a 900% increase in followers over two months. Her closest competitor only saw an increase in followers of 15.2% during the same time. Even better? Some of her posts have gone viral. 

When you’re starting a successful Instagram campaign, you want to make sure that brand awareness is the main thing you’re working on. What can you do to engage your followers? Listen to hear Darla share some tips!

Case Study #2: MOOD | Design + Build

Candy Scott came to Wingnut Social for help building brand awareness for her design firm. She wanted to be known, heard, and seen in the industry and build brand awareness, beginning locally in Chicago. Differentiation from competitors is key to positioning. Where do you fall? What do you offer to an ideal client? Candy differentiates herself because of her expertise in project management for large design-build jobs. 

To attract clients on Instagram, Wingnut created a strategic content mix of interior design and interior architecture—to emphasize the build part of her business—as well as lifestyle photos of her team. They used highly engaging questions in captions to provoke replies and comments. It may seem basic but people often neglect drawing readers into conversations. 

Candy’s second goal was to show up in Google searches for build design firms in Chicago. So Wingnut optimized her website to appear in the top-10 of search results, increasing brand visibility online. They used keyword research to optimize her website for local Chicago-based searches. They continued to build heavily optimized blog posts so they’d appear in Google searches. Even better? Blurbs, testimonials, quotes, etc. from blog posts can be used on social media.

What were the results? MOOD Design + Build’s impressions on Instagram increased 20,400%. Their engagement increased 48,300% and their followers more than doubled. Wingnut Social increased their search position on Google by an average of 27 spots leading to an increase in organic search traffic of 27%—in the first three months.

If you post case studies for your clients on your website—and potentially on your social media, depending on your strategy—it can boost interest in your services. Learn all about it in this episode of Wingnut Social! 

Join Wingnut Premium to learn more about creating a strategy from scratch. But if you want help with marketing, let us know!

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