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  • [0:35] The Mandalorian: the best thing to happen to Star Wars
  • [1:40] Pinterest is its own search engine
  • [2:10] Pinterest pins must now have a title
  • [3:30] Why are they doing this?
  • [6:10] Using keywords on Pinterest
  • [6:55] The status quo going forward

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A title, your Pinterest pins must have!

There is a method to Pinterest’s title madness. You are allowed up to 100 characters to provide context for your pin. But when a pinner is scrolling through their feed, they’ll likely only see the first 30-35 characters of your title.

You only have 30 characters to grab their attention and reel them in! So make it eye-catching. Natalie recommends using a title case font, which is proven to show higher click-through rates. To hear their other tips, keep listening!

Pinterest SEO, a whole new world

Darla points out that the only thing that is constant is change. So in the name of improvement, Pinterest turned its SEO world upside down. Adding a title to pins allows users to use Pinterest more like a search engine. With a few expertly placed keywords in your title, you will rank in results for whatever search term is used.

It is now the #1 thing Pinterest will pull from when providing results.

Previously, Pinterest pulled data from your Rich Pins (which we talk about a little bit more in this post). If you’re using Tailwind and have already scheduled out upcoming posts, you’re in luck! Tailwind will automatically create a title for you. Since this is an ongoing change, be sure to start adding titles so users find your pins!

To hear more brilliant advice from these wonderful ladies, listen to the whole mini-episode now!

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