How Designers Become THE Source for Luxury Flooring

John Dupra co-created Revel Woods, a platform that helps interior designers provide their clients with a luxury floor sourcing experience. Revel Woods elevates the traditional process so interior designers can offer a high-end service that can’t be replicated. In this episode of Wingnut Social, John shares how you can become a Revel Woods pro and become THE source for your client’s customer flooring (and maybe even create your own custom line of flooring).

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:28] Webinar and Wingnut Academy Announcements
  • [4:12] Mini News Sesh: Instagram testing a new feed
  • [7:45] Learn more about John Dupra and Revel Woods
  • [12:53] The importance of offering a unique high-end experience
  • [21:17] Revel Wood’s training and certification program
  • [23:35] How to handle the relationship with your contractors
  • [27:22] How Revel Woods works with eCommerce partners
  • [30:27] Revel Woods is launching a NEW platform
  • [32:23] John’s take: The future of wood flooring
  • [42:40] The What Up Wingnut Round
  • [44:04] Where to learn more about Revel Woods
  • [47:10] Blooper Reel!

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The importance of offering a unique high-end experience

Sourcing floors typically includes taking clients to a flooring showroom they could have visited on their own. It’s been a necessary evil because there haven’t been options for designers to source trade options. Even trade-only showrooms offer brands available anywhere—unless you go truly custom and jump price levels. Most designers don’t need something that high-end.

John points out that you wouldn’t go to Bob’s discount furniture outlet to source furniture for a high-end client. Why would you do it for flooring? You don’t want to offer a service or experience they could’ve done on their own. Revel Woods is a platform that sources flooring for you. Some of it might be available elsewhere but they private label everything.

Create your own line of luxury hardwood flooring

Revel Woods is also developing a program with a manufacturer in Canada that will do a semi-custom made-to-order flooring. Flooring options are usually like the pizza aisle at the grocery store—you have premade cheese, pepperoni, supreme, etc. The program they’re developing is like a pizza shop where you choose your crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings.

You get to choose from 15 master colors, solid or engineered hardwood, and different widths, grades, lengths, and sheens. You can create your own collection exclusive to you and only available to your clients. They give you complete and total control over the process. John shares how pricing and wholesaling work, so keep listening.

Revel Woods is launching a NEW platform: Revel Woods Plus

Revel Woods is partnering with a major manufacturer to build a visualization platform. You can use sample rooms or take a photo of a client’s room and swap the flooring out. It will be built into the Revel Woods platform with hundreds of private-label trade-only options only accessible to designers. You can use this tool to show a client what the flooring will look like in their room. You can also send them the link to the product (without pricing).

Fine hardwood flooring will never go out of style, but luxury vinyl planks have been the go-to flooring option of late. What does John think will be the next trend? His answer may shock and will certainly surprise you!

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