How Interior Designers Leave Money on the Table with John Dupra

Episode #046 the Wingnut Social Podcast

John Dupra is the co-founder of Revel Woods fine hardwood flooring. Growing up, he watched his dad work in the flooring business, and after leaving to work in other areas, he came back to the family business and brought some serious project management skills with him. Inspired by high-end fashion sites, Revel Woods is dedicated to making the buying process of expertly curated, high-quality hardwood flooring as easy as possible.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:00] Never lie to an orangutan
  • [4:00] Why D&N started a podcast
  • [9:30] Don’t leave money on the table
  • [13:25] John reveals the hideous trait he was born with
  • [14:35] Why big-ticket items have not always been easy to buy for designers
  • [18:15] How to cure the headache
  • [22:01] Are designers working with more wholesalers?
  • [24:25] How does working with a wholesaler make you more marketable
  • [28:35] Designers have a lot of buying power
  • [30:43] What about samples?
  • [35:00] How to do this even if you’re not the flooring expert
  • [40:10] How to avoid getting shopped
  • [44:00] Whut up, Wingnut?

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How designers can look to improve their margins

As John tells Darla and Natalie, the business has changed a lot in recent years, and with consumers being able to buy directly from suppliers, that’s meant that interior designers have turned to the one cost they can control: billable hours. But that’s tough to scale.

The wood flooring industry in particular is still stuck in the stone ages. Traditionally a flooring company sells to a regional wholesaler, who sells to a flooring dealer, who sells to the consumer. And because wood flooring is a very expensive and very technical product, that structure has always stayed in place, because getting it wrong can be catastrophic for a project. So why would direct sales be worth what seems like a headache? John breaks it down for Darla and Natalie.

Sometimes it’s about control

John said that one of the things he’s learned about working with interior designers is that it’s not always about making more money for them. Sometimes it’s about control, and being able to make the right choice the way they want. And being able to tell a client that they are going to have full control of the project from start to finish can be a big bonus. You’re able to say you’re a full-service shop with no middlemen.

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