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Episode #294 the Wingnut Social Podcast

YouTube Handles: Everything You Need To Know

Today we’re discussing YouTube Handles: here’s everything you need to know! Gavin is joined by Abby Coots, Social Media Manager at Wingnut Social, to discuss this brand new feature from YouTube – handles! Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about the new YouTube handles before they become available.


YouTube is currently in the process of rolling out handles for all YouTube channels, which is going to make it easier to promote your channel within the app and drive traffic to your channel. YouTube says, “Handles are a unique identifier in all YouTube channels that will have access to this feature. Your unique handle will help people find and interact with your profile, and it will be completely specific and unique to your profile.” Currently, on YouTube, usernames can be the same. We’ve seen some copycats out there (not specifically with Wingnut, thankfully!). On YouTube in general, people can copy usernames. With the new handle feature, it’s just for you. Nobody else can have the same handle as you. It’s really going to help assure your subscribers they’re interacting with the real you.

This update will be launched and available for everyone by November 14th. If you don’t choose your own handle by then, YouTube is going to choose one for you based off of your current channel name. Don’t freak out! Even if YouTube assigns a handle to you, you can still go back and adjust it afterward.

Abby recommends choosing the same YouTube handle that you use on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because that will increase your likelihood of being found by your followers on other platforms. It will keep things easier and more cohesive. Wingnut encourages you to utilize all the basic platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn – the more places you can post high-quality content, the better! But…let’s say you’re having trouble connecting with your ideal client on Instagram. Abby says she thinks of YouTube as a search engine, which she utilizes when she’s searching for a “how to” or “DIY tips.” If you’re someone who specializes in virtual design (Edesign) or you sell a tangible product like a paint guide or a wallpaper guide, YouTube is going to be a great friend of yours in terms of reaching your ideal client who is searching for those DIY projects. For example, your client may search for a soothing and relaxing paint color for their bathroom. They would likely go on YouTube to search that, your profile will pop up with your new handle, and ideally, you’ll also have some YouTube Shorts for them to watch, using calls to action with links to purchase your paint guide (or whatever else you aim to sell). Ultimately, choosing the same handle as your other platforms will help your current audience to find you across platforms.


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