Your Pinterest Feed is Getting a Makeover

Episode #167 the Wingnut Social Podcast

They’ll be able to balance the types of content that will be shown in a pinner’s home feed. Why are they changing it? What will your Pinterest feed look like? Give this Monday Marketing Minisode a listen to find out! Plus, you’ll find out whether or not Darla can make it a week without talking about TikTok…

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:38] All about your Pinterest Feed
  • [1:57] Why are they changing it?
  • [2:44] The content will be based on a percentage
  • [4:42] What does this mean for designers?
  • [6:05] Blocking inappropriate content from your feed
  • [6:54] Today’s big Pinterest takeaway
  • [8:53] The ever-amusing blooper reel!

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Bringing NEW content to your Pinterest Feed

Pinterest doesn’t want your feed to be stale. Secondly, they want to expose you to new content that you typically wouldn’t be exposed to. Part of the algorithm update is in response to the Black Lives Matter movement to give wonderful creators their fair share of visibility.

Now they’ll slide some things into your home page they think you might like. If Pinterest decides they want to add 4% more video content to your feed, the controlled distribution algorithm will automatically be able to achieve distribution while still respecting your content preference. 

But the algorithm isn’t changing completely. It’s only applied after the traditional home feed ranking algorithm. So it’s an added layer to help expose you to new creators and new content. Pinterest used to rely on engagement data to drive it’s pin recommendations. But they must evolve. In the words of Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

What should designers include in their Pinterest content strategy? 

Pinterest is trying to attract more creators to the platform. So designers need to keep more content flowing in the form of creating original pins—including video. They haven’t outright stated they’re prioritizing video, but it’s the under-the-table vibe Darla and Natalie are getting. Video usually gets more engagement, likes, and comments, so it’s worth the investment.

Social media platforms have been making a TON of updates lately. But Darla and Natalie point out it’s their job to stay on top of algorithm changes—and keep their listeners in the loop. It is pretty good job security!

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