Why You Should Go to High Point Market

Episode #063 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Today, Darla and Natalie issue a public service announcement. High Point Market may not be until October, but you should be thinking about it and booking your hotel, etc., now, because lodgings go quickly. In fact, if you’re new to High Point, you can do what Darla and Natalie did their first year there, and use High Point’s concierge to book a room and dinner reservations. 

But beyond the logistics, why should you go to High Point, and what is it? High Point is a giant furniture showroom, and they open it up for interior designers at a massive conference. There are events, speakers, etc., and it’s a rare opportunity for designers to test out furniture you only see online. Of course there’s also ample opportunity to learn, to take photos for your Instagram accounts, and to network like crazy. Darla and Natalie went to their first High Point two years ago, and now they both might be speaking at it again (details coming soon). High Point should be on every interior designer’s calendar, and this episode shows why.

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