Why You Need a PR Agency with Andrew Joseph –

Episode #040 the Wingnut Social Podcast

With over twenty years in the world of publishing and public relations, Andrew Joseph is an experienced and strategic asset for home and design brands as well as designers looking to position themselves in a busy market. Andrew started his career at Conde Nast publications in fashion and beauty with Vanity Fair and Allure, where he learned the industry from the inside out, experiencing firsthand the inner workings of the editorial side of publicity. When opening Andrew Joseph PR in 2012, he shifted gears to architecture and design, applying his southern charm and New York know-how to a career as a marketing and public relations expert.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:00] Wingnuts are loving the strategy doc
  • [7:54] It’s take two with Adam
  • [9:55] Why PR is important for designers
  • [15:42] Would a PR firm work well for a new designer?
  • [18:20] Trying to go DIY
  • [26:54] What credentials should you look for in a PR firm?
  • [29:46] Should you go boutique?
  • [32:30] PR success stories
  • [38:39] Working with a PR firm
  • [43:25] Whut up, Wingnut?

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Resources & People Mentioned

Pitch the right way

One of the most critical ways a public relations firm can help you is through their relationships with magazine editors. Often PR professionals know what sorts of stories various publications are working on, what sorts of stories they like, and how you may fit (or not fit) into their magazines. The worst thing you can do is pitch yourself to a magazine with no clear idea of what they’re looking for.

Relationships are actually a huge part of public relations. Andrew told Darla and Natalie a story about how he helped out an editor one time around the holidays, and now he’s able to book clients spots in the publication regularly, because the editor knows she can trust him.

PR won’t land you clients directly

Andrew says he always tells his potential clients that he can’t deliver new clients to them. He can book them in magazines or onstage as a speaker, but there’s no guarantee that will lead directly to clients. Instead, PR has more of a “long tail,” where the more publicity you generate, the more you can build an impressive portfolio to show potentials clients.

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