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Episode #304 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Are you an interior designer about to make a TikTok account and you’re looking for tips? OR are you an interior designer who thinks TikTok is just a silly app for kids? Either way, we’re here to help! Since TikTok just replaced Netflix as the most popular app for people under 35, Gavin (SEO Manager) is here to share some tips on joining TikTok as an interior designer and the benefits of catering to a younger audience.


TikTok just replaced Netflix as the most popular app – not just for kids, but for people under 35. This can be pretty surprising as I’m sure many of us view TikTok as something for kids, or that it’s not a professional space. However, the data shows that this is quickly changing. When you’re thinking about where you want to invest your time and limited amount of resources, you aren’t typically prioritizing younger audiences. However, Gen Z is poised to become one of the wealthiest generations of all time – the average age of people with a $25M net worth is age 45 and above. As an interior designer, if you’re looking to target even the $5-10M range, oddly enough, it could be within the 20-35 year old bracket. These younger generations are developing a higher level of wealth but are a relatively untapped market for interior designers.

What kind of content should interior designers make on TikTok? Firstly, if you have products you can sell, you can now sell them within the TikTok app and reach more people faster. As social media apps roll out new features, they typically reward early users by pushing your content out more, since it’s ultimately in their best financial interest to showcase new features. But what should the videos even be about? You don’t have to go on TikTok and do silly dances. Shift your perspective and consider this…TikTok can take the weight of professionalism off your shoulders and allow you to be a bit more lighthearted and showcase your personality. Try looking at TikTok as something more “freeing” rather than silly. If you have a staff or team working on projects with you, you can also have them create videos to demonstrate a day-in-the-life at your business. You can also show your design work through TikTok. You can use trending audio and sounds to create a fun video clip, like room transformations, which do really well on TikTok. Take a before and after video, with a little bit of your work in between, add some audio, and post away!

Have you been really resistant to join TikTok? If you’re an interior designer listening to this right now, you’re going to realize TikTok isn’t just for kids – whether you realize that now and can take advantage of that, or you realize it once someone else has done it. It’s important to get on TikTok as soon as you can because you will see an advantage. TikTok is working to gain more users of older generations as well, so if you fall into that category, you may find your content getting pushed harder in the algorithm. It is financially beneficial for TikTok to push that content to help reach older demographics.


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