WHY the New Facebook Business Suite is Sweet

Episode #188 the Wingnut Social Podcast

The Facebook Business Suite may just make apps like Hootsuite and Later obsolete. How? Facebook’s new “Business Suite” allows you to manage Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger from one app. Learn ALL about it in this week’s Wingnut Social Monday Marketing Minisode! 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:36] Guava Jelly + Weddings
  • [1:35] Facebook Business Suite
  • [2:08] How it helps small business owners
  • [2:51] The functionality + options
  • [3:48] Things to keep in mind
  • [5:07] How is it different?
  • [7:21] Blooper Reel!

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Facebook Business Suite Deets

The Facebook Business Suite is a hub that you can utilize via mobile and desktop. How does this help you? It will save you time. It saves you from having to log in and log out of multiple profiles. The inbox feature will also organize your messages, comments, alerts, and notifications in the same place. 

You can manage ads, feed posts, appointments, events, jobs, settings, etc. You can edit page info or ban users. If you can control everything from one place you’ll miss less and be more productive. You can see ALL the activity that you select to see. You can choose a different business simply by tapping the icon in the top left corner. 

What sets the Facebook Business Suite apart

There are TWO reasons why this app will be a gamechanger. First, small businesses get first dibs. They’re only allowing this feature to be used by small businesses until 2021. It’s Facebook’s way of helping small businesses first. 

How is it different from the Pages Manager app or Creator Studio? You get a more comprehensive view of activity from both Facebook and Instagram + you can do a lot more. If you’re looking for a free app, this is the way to go.

How else can it help you? What doesn’t it do? Find out by listening to the whole minisode!

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