Why the Bublup App is a Game Changer for Creatives

Episode #083 the Wingnut Social Podcast

It’s akin to Pinterest, Dropbox, and Google Drive on steroids. So how can an interior designer use the application? Are the unique applications of it worth the learning curve? Darla and Natalie chat all about it in this episode of Wingnut Social.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:50] All about Bublup
  • [3:40] The Bublup Superpower is “Rolls”
  • [5:20] All this is for free
  • [6:30] Send a roll to clients
  • [7:40] How the app acts as a reverse plugin

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Bublup App for Designers

The digital vision board for creatives

Bublup has an extension that you can utilize on Google Chrome that allows you to clip an article, photos, videos—or anything that you desire and save it to a folder. It’s a digital vision board for any project you may be doing that you can even share directly with clients. 

Darla’s even planning on making a folder for Disney World’s Star Wars park. The applications are endless, and honestly, it can easily become an obsession. It seems a far better way to organize cloud storage and it’s enjoyable. Win-win.

Bublup’s superpower lies in its “Rolls”

You can transform your folders into what Bublup terms “Rolls”. It’s similar to the organization of a basic landing page for a website—but it’s anything but basic. Once you’ve completed your Roll, you can easily share it with anyone by sending them a link.

Darla created a Roll that is linked below in the show notes, go check it out!

This could revolutionize the way you can share projects and ideas with friends, family, and even clients. Even better, Bublup is completely free. You can upgrade to paid plans for more storage and upload capacity. Be sure to give the free version a shot and change the way you organize storage.

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