Why Interior Designers Need Ongoing SEO

Episode #274 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Why do interior designers need ongoing SEO, and why is it so critical for your brand’s online presence?

How does ongoing SEO help you compete with other interior designers? Why is ongoing SEO the key to keeping your interior design business ranking on Google?

The biggest piece of misinformation that we hear about ongoing SEO is that it’s a “one-and-done” service that’s complete when your website is created. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Ongoing SEO, when done correctly, is your key to remaining competitive. Gavin—Wingnut’s resident SEO guru—covers this important topic in this episode of Wingnut Social!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:25] Wingnut Webinar 7/28 at 11 am EST: SEO 101
  • [2:50] Subscribe to Wingnut Social on YouTube!
  • [3:40] Mini News Sesh: Instagram Reel update
  • [7:42] Learn all about our SEO guru Gavin
  • [8:45] SEO isn’t “set it and forget it”
  • [13:30] Google’s algorithm and SEO
  • [17:42] The importance of recency and activity
  • [21:54] Tools and resources to leverage for SEO
  • [24:10] Ongoing SEO is the key to your business’s success

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How ongoing SEO can boost your interior design business

When your website is created and SEO-optimized, you can’t just set it and forget it. You can’t just run ads and call it good. Why? 80% of people searching on Google ignore paid ads. Secondly, most people won’t go past the first page of search results. So your business needs to be ranked in the top 10 search results.

How do you achieve that? You have to track and measure the impact of your work and adjust your SEO continuously. You can make adjustments as you go to make sure your pages stay on the first page of Google’s search results.

Your competition’s SEO tactics are constantly changing. If you’re ranking for a keyword and it falls from #2 to #10, you need to make some adjustments or you’ll lose traffic. If your competition is ranking for keywords that you used to rank for, changes need to be made.

That’s why a robust and ongoing SEO strategy can mean the difference between being flooded with clients—or being irrelevant.

Your interior design clients have questions—make sure you provide the answers

When it comes to blogging, people think they need to produce a chunk of new content once a month and they’re okay. Gavin points out that blogging is a great strategy and you need to do it. However, you have to keep in mind that Google is trying to connect people who have questions with the answers they’re looking for.

5–10 years ago, people would stuff keywords into a blog and rank for it. Google is now an intelligent platform that can’t be fooled. If you’re keyword stuffing, your content won’t rank. When you write content, focus on answering questions that your ideal client is searching for.

What questions are they asking? How do YOU provide the best answer and share value? The keywords and phrases you use reflect your ability to understand your customer. If you have a great idea of what your customers are looking for and provide them value, you’ll see a bump in SEO.

What tools can you use to help you write SEO-optimized content? How does Google’s algorithm play a role in your success? Listen to the whole episode to learn more about ongoing SEO’s impact on your bottom line.

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