When to Hire for Your Interior Design Firm

Episode #061 the Wingnut Social Podcast

On this week’s Marketing Monday Minisode, the Head Wingnut and the Hungry Ginger talk about the first time they delegated work. Darla was asked to do a 3D rendering of a room, and it took her way longer than could be financially justified. And after hiring out that work, and consulting with a copy of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Darla realized she should be focusing on the work that leverages her strongest talents.

And nearly two years ago, Darla Powell Interiors made its first hire of an interior designer, without actually having the financial means to do so. And that was because they were juggling so many clients, they needed someone to not only take some of that work, but fill in gaps in the company’s skills. It’s worked out great, and now that they can work with so many more clients, that hire has paid for itself again and again. But this episode isn’t just about hiring designers, Darla and Natalie also give tips on small ways you can delegate so you’re doing what you should be doing.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:33] Natalie’s a hungry ginger
  • [3:00] Juggling clients early on
  • [7:57] When to hire without the means
  • [11:10] What’s your vision for your company?
  • [13:45] Other ways to delegate

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