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Episode #316 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Twitter advanced search for mobile is here! Is there a tweet you’ve been trying to find forever, or do you want to clean up some of your old tweets? Twitter is launching a new “advanced search” feature on the mobile app that will provide users with a range of filters when searching for content. Social Media Manager Hayden is here to walk us through the latest developments.


Twitter’s advanced search on mobile will provide you with a range of additional options when searching for content, including accounts mentioned, date ranges, personal mentions, hashtags, and like and retweet counts. All of these qualifiers are already built into the app, and are available in the Advanced Search tab on desktop – but until now, they haven’t been easily accessible on mobile. You’ll also be able to use these additional search parameters when conducting a tweet search on an individual user’s profile.

This new feature can be a very helpful addition for businesses and interior designers when trying to search things that are specific to your field. If someone is looking for interior design trends, they will be able to easily search any of these in the new Twitter advanced search option. Being able to search tweets with large amounts of retweets and engagement will be a fantastic way to identify content that is trending currently.


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