Travel + Interior Design Photography Tips [Pro Ralph Velasco Shares]

Episode #192 the Wingnut Social Podcast

How important is good photography for interior design marketing? How important is it for the travel and tourism industry? How do you craft the perfect image that portrays what you see? In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, professional photographer Ralph Velasco joins Natalie and Darla to share his expertise.

Ralph is a professional travel photographer who’s led over 100 international tours over the last 12 years. He is the founder and CEO of PhotoEnrichment Adventures and Alla Campagna. Ralph crafts tours that not only immerse you in another culture, but teaches you how to capture what you see in stunning images.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:04] The latest and greatest in social media marketing
  • [4:00] The importance of good imagery in marketing
  • [6:53] Ralph’s background in photography
  • [7:59] The importance of professional photography
  • [11:14] What works and what really doesn’t
  • [14:25] How to develop an eye for photography
  • [17:15] The impact of social media
  • [22:17] How Ralph navigated safe travel during COVID-19
  • [23:56] Top mistakes people make with photography
  • [27:47] The What up Wingnut! Round!
  • [30:39] How to connect with Ralph Velasco
  • [37:28] Blooper Reel!

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Travel + Interior design photography: images sell

Images sell your home. Images sell the experience. People want to know what they will see and experience and great photography is the best way to convey that. Ralph scouts his trips at least a year in advance. He captures photographs, takes video, meets people, stays in the hotels, and eats at the restaurants. Then he picks and chooses the best for his tour groups.

Ralph emphasizes that “A travel photographer has to be a jack of all genres, master of some.” Photographers specialize in architecture, people, food, and much more. But a travel photographer has to be good at everything. Photographers are story-tellers. They have to tell the story of a place, a region, or a country.

Perhaps you’re telling the story of the interior of a home. To do that, Ralph notes that you want to start with big wide establishing shots. Then take the medium shots that show a portion of the room. Then you dive into the detail shots. The way to differentiate your photography is always in the details. Everyone gets the “postcard” shot. But the people that capture the details in the photos differentiate themselves from everyone else.

How do you develop an eye for photography? How do you learn to drill down deeper into the scene and capture the soul of it? Listen to hear Ralph’s advice.

Two tips that will transform your photography

Ralph jokes that “If you don’t like getting up early, be a writer.” But it’s actually true. Photography is all about taking advantage of the best possible light. In the morning, the sun is low in the sky and you experience golden hour with long soft shadows. Think about how the light impacts your subject and get proper exposure.

When you’re photographing something or someone, Ralph advises looking beyond them. How does the background or the foreground impact the photograph? Is there something that will ruin the composition of the photo? Ralph will move around to see how the scene is changing in relation to his subject. He is in control of the scene. He recommends that you place your subject against a clear background whenever possible.

People would get 10x better photographs if they cultivated an awareness of the light and the background.

Listen to the whole episode for more of Ralph’s tips + tricks. He also shares how his business has transformed and how social media is his #1 marketing stream.

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