Robots are Killing You on Social Media –

Episode #004 the Wingnut Social Podcast


On today’s episode of Wingnut Social, hosts Darla and Natalie discuss how the dreaded robots may be killing your brand. What are the robots? Have you ever opened your social media and been excited that you have 20 or 30 likes on your post, only to check the post the next day, and they’re gone! They may trick you into following them, and then they’re gone.

How does it make you feel? Darla is one of perhaps thousands of followers who have fallen prey to the robots. So buckle up, wingnuts, because we are going to take on the robots on today’s show.

Show highlights:

Can robots damage my brand?

Can Instagram identify these robots? What are the red flags?

Robots may have multiple levels of “evil”.

Robots may like thousands of posts, which may not seem so bad, right? Hear more!

Can robots comment on behalf of your brand? Darla and Natalie explain.

Do you know the number one robot crime?

Is there a limit to how many posts the robots can like? 350 an hour is the current understanding.

Darla and Natalie explain how can you can grow your social media with all of these evil robots.

Darla shares advice regarding the types of posts you should leave.

Advice for those who need help with posting on social media

Darla discusses Vanity Metrics and refers to Episode 1.

The Gary Vaynerchuck $1.80 Instagram Strategy

If you are too busy to do your own social media marketing, reach out to Darla, Natalie, and the expert team at Wingnut Social.

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