The PR Strategy to Embrace In Times of Crisis with Andrew Joseph

Episode #140 the Wingnut Social Podcast

So what is a designer to do? Andrew Joseph shares his PR advice in this episode of Wingnut Social—everything from content to pitch to ways to propel your business through this pandemic. If you’re ready to find a way to get YOUR design business to the forefront of the industry, don’t miss this one!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:46] Natalie saved Darla’s life
  • [2:15] Andrew Joseph joins Natalie and Darla again!
  • [5:37] The first indicator that the industry was pivoting
  • [9:30] How Andrew’s firm is pivoting during the crisis
  • [13:27] Pitches that might be well-received in April
  • [16:10] The value of working with a PR firm
  • [20:33] What a new client can expect
  • [25:18] Who comes out on top?
  • [28:42] Find a way to give back
  • [30:32] What up Wingnut: Golden Girl Edition
  • [32:18] Be your own PR company
  • [35:43] Blooper Reel!

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What a PR Firm can accomplish for your design business

Andrew has been busier than ever, despite losing two clients. Someone’s contract was ending and she wanted out of her last month’s payment. But he dug in his heels and gave her some advice: “Make that last payment and take advantage of everything I can deliver for you”. People don’t always realize the value of what a good PR firm can offer—no matter what stage of your business that you’re in. 

You are paying your PR firm for their expertise in the industry, their reputation, and the connections they’ve developed over their careers. They know the decision-makers and will pitch the right ideas to the right people. They know the audience, the landscape, and the players. 

Andrew wants to build long-term relationships with his clients. To do that, he employs “middle-of-the-road” pricing. He knows his competition charges more, but he would rather be “an affordable luxury” to have long-term clients. 

Buckle-down with your PR strategy

NOW is the best time to captivate an audience. The 50% uptick in social media usage gives you a HUGE advantage. You will beat out the competition if you take this time and double-down with your strategy. Andrew Joseph agrees—don’t bury your head in the sand and hope to come out intact on the other side. 

If you can’t afford a PR firm or social media strategist, buy Amy Flurry’s book and DIY it. Be your own marketing and PR firm. Get active across social media platforms and get yourself in front of your audience. Social media and PR are long games—you need to start early and build momentum. 

In the rest of the episode, Andrew shares some pitch ideas that may give you an edge over the competition. We also talk about what he’s doing to give back during the pandemic and how to be authentic and sensitive during the coronavirus crisis. 

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