The NEW LinkedIn ‘Featured’ Section: Showcase Your Accomplishments

Episode #123 the Wingnut Social Podcast

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  • [1:26] LinkedIn’s new feature
  • [4:46] What to add to the ‘featured’ section
  • [8:29] Blooper Reel

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LinkedIn’s new ‘featured’ section allows you to highlight whatever you want

We all know that LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing and making connections with professionals. So getting them to take note of your accomplishments—and do more than just connect with you—is key. You want to GRAB their attention. LinkedIn’s new feature should make that easier. 

While it’s still being rolled out and not yet available to all users, here’s what you can expect:

It’s a section that will be directly below your profile header and above the ‘activities’ section. Simply add it as a profile section and choose the content that you want to be featured, whether it’s something eye-catching or a noteworthy accomplishment. 

What should designers add to the featured section? 

The beauty is that you get to pick whatever you want to be featured. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Featured on an episode of HGTV? Add the link here!
  • What about a YouTube video of a space you designed? Check!
  • Post images of a recently designed space that you’re proud of
  • Recently featured in an article? Add the link here.
  • One of the top 50 interior designers in Miami? Show it off.

If you want to add something you’ve already posted on your LinkedIn profile, simply choose the ‘star’ next to ‘featured’ below your post to add or remove it—it’s that simple. The most recently featured item will be visible first or you can choose how to order the content.

Not only do you get to showcase your latest and greatest content, but it allows you to spice up your page and show off your personality. What could be better? Darla and Natalie are pretty excited—Listen to this minisode for all the details!

How do you feel about LinkedIn’s latest feature?

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