The New iPhone 14 Pro: Is It Worth It? | Mini News

Episode #286 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Are you ready to trade in your iPhone for the brand new iPhone 14 Pro? Is the new iPhone 14 Pro worth it? Listen to this first!

Darla is joined by Gavin Doran, SEO Manager at Wingnut Social, to break down the features of the brand new iPhone 14 Pro and determine whether or not this is a worthwhile upgrade.

Interior designers rely so much on technology for their business, and smartphones are a key piece of that support.  Whether you’re reviewing images on-site with a client, answering. sales calls, or shooting images of your latest completed designs, there is no denying that smartphones are essential these days.

Today we discuss the new iPhone 14 Pro: Is it worth it? If you already have a smartphone, why should you upgrade to this latest and greatest Apple iteration?

Listen to this episode to learn more!

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