The NEW Facebook Live Features Being Rolled Out

Episode #145 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:32] Facebook is bringing back their “Live With” feature
  • [2:56] Livestream straight from your event page
  • [3:56] Updates to their ‘Donations’ option
  • [6:33] You can now charge access to livestreams
  • [9:38] Changes to Instagram Live features
  • [11:28] Blooper Reel!

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Facebook Live features get an upgrade

Facebook is bringing back the “Live With” feature that allows you to invite a Facebook Profile to join you when you go live. According to Darla’s sources, they’ve somehow managed to fix their tech issues and audio difficulty to bring this feature out of their vault. The caveat is that the feature is only able to be used on mobile devices (at this time). 

Facebook is also making a change to events so that you can stream straight from the event page you’ve created. Up until now, it was so difficult to find livestreams on event pages that Darla and Natalie advised clients not to bother. Facebook has even made some updates to fundraisers and the donation process—listen to hear what that is!

This update is a game-changer

The best part about the new features being added? You can now CHARGE followers to watch your livestream! If you’re sharing a live video for paid consulting clients or launching a webinar, it can be monetized. You simply add a “fee button” for followers to gain access. It’s Facebook’s answer to Zoom—but on steroids. 

It hasn’t been officially announced, but Darla and Natalie are assuming that this feature will be a “freemium”. You may have access to basic features for free, but they’ll likely charge an upgrade fee to access other features. 

Darla and Natalie share another feature that is a HUGE benefit for those who don’t have adequate internet for streaming. Listen to the whole minisode to find out what it is! 

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