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Episode #075 the Wingnut Social Podcast

The Interior Design Instagram Formula That Generates 50 PERCENT Of Alisa Popelka’s Clients – Darla Powell

You’re going to learn about video, carousel image groups, optimal caption length, and get our take on the infamous Instagram hashtag debate. Listen, learn, and apply what makes sense to you – and make Instagram a powerful traffic driver to your design business.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:50] Where we found some interesting Instagram Statistics
  • [4:01] Do you know what outperforms static images on Instagram?
  • [5:06] Does caption length matter?
  • [8:31] Should you use hashtags inside your Instagram posts?

Resources & People Mentioned

Instagram statistic of interest #1: Images are great. Video is better

For a few years now the social media gurus have been telling us that video performs better than static images. It’s true because video provides the benefit of communicating your personality and “vibe” a lot better than images. Having said that, here’s the weird thing: 48% of brands are only using static images, not video. What?!!!!

If you are not using video on Instagram, these stats show that you’re missing the boat. Video gets 48% more engagement from followers than static images alone. That means you have more opportunities to interact with potential design clients simply by using video regularly. Listen to learn more.

Instagram stat of interest #2: The sweet spot for captions

When you scroll through Instagram, you’ll see that some images and videos have accompanying captions, others don’t. You know what captions are, right? They are those descriptions or comments that go along with the images or videos you post. Some Instagram users who make use of captions write books in the captions (we don’t have time to read books on Instagram). Other’s keep them short and sweet.

The Instagram statistics revealed in the recent Quintly study say that the sweet spot for captions is not so much about how long they are, but what you do with the first 125 characters. 125 is the magic number because once you write more than 125 characters, Instagram truncates the caption and users have to tap the “read more” ellipsis thingie. So if you’re going to use captions, make the most of that first 125 characters. Hook your followers with that text. Make your copy so good they can’t HELP but tap for more.

Go ahead and hit the play button on this episode. We also talk about how 10 or more emojis could help your Instagram efforts be more effective, and give you our opinion about the infamous hashtag debate (in the post, or in the comments?) – based on the Instagram statistics we discuss on this episode.

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