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As the two got to know each other via social media they struck up an online friendship. That’s when Alisa decided to crank up her Instagram strategy even more by signing up for the Wingnut Social strategy package. The results of adding what she learned to what she was already doing have been astounding. Alisa says that 50% of her existing clients first contacted her through Instagram. FIFTY PERCENT! What would it do for your business to KNOW that you can generate more clients using ONE platform?

But it’s not only about clients. Alisa has learned to use Instagram to get the attention of strategic partners in her area and those in her industry who she believes will be an asset to her business. Don’t miss this episode. It’s short, but it’s super sweet. Alisa’s advice is GOLD.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:22] Response to our Highpoint Market Minisode – and an additional tip
  • [3:06] A personal story about Alisa Popelka, the ubiquitous designer
  • [5:57] The social media marketing focus of Alisa’s interior design biz
  • [7:16] Sharing the work of other designers to increase your own reach
  • [9:57] How the social media light bulb went on for Alisa
  • [10:55] 50% of her clients come from Instagram: Here’s how it happens
  • [14:32] The consistency rule: Why you have to stick with it
  • [17:48] How much time does Alisa put into Instagram each week? A lot
  • [20:23] Social media strategy tips Alisa learned from her Wingnut coaching
  • [25:36] Alisa’s #1 piece of advice for designers not investing in social media: do the work
  • [26:38] The What Up Wingnut Round

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50% of Alisa’s clients come from Instagram. Seriously

There are many Interior Designers who don’t believe that social media can do much for their business. It’s a hassle, it takes too much time out of the day, and it’s more about vanity and showing off than it is truly connecting with legitimate clients. That’s what THEY say. But Alisa Popelka would say something FAR different.

Alisa has been doubling-down on her Instagram strategy for some time now, and she’s got carefully documented stats to show that at least 50% of her current clients have come to her directly from Instagram. As a result, she’s a very busy designer. She’s convinced that it’s more than worth the effort to make Instagram the primary way of marketing her business. She even refers to Instagram as a “free marketing tool” every designer should be using. Listen to learn more of her secret sauce.

Being intentional is vital to an effective interior design Instagram strategy

If there’s one secret to Alisa’s success using Instagram to generate more client leads, it’s this. Be intentional and consistent. OK, that’s two things – but they are both important.

Lisa doesn’t do anything on Instagram in a haphazard way. She spends two days every month to plan out her content, including the captions that will go with and on her photos. She uses a curation app to schedule it all out at regular intervals. She determines what other designers and local events she will share. And she budgets time into every day to engage with the comments and activity surrounding her posts and the posts of those she follows.

If that sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re right. But it’s the kind of work required to put your design work into the orbit of the exact people you want to work with. If you’re willing to take an intentional, disciplined approach like Alisa has, you’re going to win at Instagram. No question.

Listen to this episode to hear every detail Alisa shares about her Interior Design Instagram strategy!

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