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Here to chat with Darla and Natalie in this episode of Wingnut Social is Brenda Thompson of HouseLift Design. After years in the business management world, 5 years ago she took her love for designing warm and inviting spaces and launched her business. Earlier this year a production company reached out about a local opportunity—to hear about her adventure, listen now!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:55] Upcoming event and announcements
  • [4:45] Brenda Thompson of HouseLift design
  • [5:50] Landing an HGTV design show gig
  • [13:00] What the process is like
  • [16:30] The uncertainty involved in the day-to-day
  • [23:50] Handling a budget and timeline
  • [27:25] Advice for young budding designers
  • [31:10] How’d she handle the camera?
  • [37:10] Would she do it again?
  • [39:35] What up Wingnut Round
  • [42:10] How to connect with BrendaHGTV Star

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Being on a design show is a whirlwind experience

Within two days of a production company reaching out to Brenda, she was signing a contract to be a guest designer on House Hunters Renovation. She had never experienced anything like this before—there was so much involved behind the scenes that you never would’ve guessed.

She was given 10 days to pull together contractors, have samples in hand, and design plans in place.

She was given a budget that demanded she be creative with her costs—so she had to leverage some favors. After many late nights, her team pulled together and designed a space that left both the producers and the homeowners ecstatic.

The reality of being a design star

Being in the limelight is a fun experience, but it isn’t necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. Scheduling camera days and dealing with all the moving parts involved can be overwhelming. It left Brenda drained and exhausted. She also had to turn away potential clients until the project was wrapped up.

For someone with zero prior experience, being on-camera is a whole new world of intense.

Each particular day of shooting was focused around something major: showing the homeowners the design plans or even showing a kitchen counter-top arriving. Brenda never anticipated the number of times they’d have to reshoot a scene. Trying to appear natural and at-ease on your 10th take of a scene is a lot. She noted it was hard to remember what you’ve said and not appear robotic while repeating it (again and again…and again).

To hear more about her journey, listen to the whole episode! Also, follow Brenda on social media to find out when her episode will air on HGTV!

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