The Importance of Networking at Industry Events with Jane Dagmi

Episode #027 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Jane Dagmi is the editor of Designers Today, a great interior design magazine that all designers should be subscribed to. Jane has been in the magazine industry for more than 20 years, and as editor, her focus is less on the pretty pictures of interior design, and more on the process of design, and how professionals can improve and try new things. She’s also ubiquitous at industry events, and the perfect person to talk to about networking.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:10] Intro
  • [6:20] Who would make a better hermit, Darla or Jane?
  • [7:23] All the different shows Jane goes to
  • [9:19] How will networking get you more business?
  • [15:48] The trickle-down effect of networking
  • [17:20] How to plan your trips to events
  • [19:50] Should you still have a 30-second elevator pitch?
  • [22:43] How to put yourself out there early on
  • [30:02] Just go up and say hi
  • [34:40] Make an agenda
  • [39:19] Whut up, Wingnut?

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Don’t network, build relationships

The second anyone is told they should be networking more, they freeze up. No one likes the idea of being the schmoozy networker. But if you think of it another way, think of it as building relationships with people in your field, whom either you could help or they could help you down the line, it’s not nearly as skeezy.

On this week’s episode of Wingnut Social, Jane told Darla and Natalie about two designers who met at an industry event, and became friends. And years later, they ended up collaborating with each other on a major project. And Darla and Natalie shared a similar story about their High Point event, which came from making friends with someone at a previous event. So play the long game.

Opportunity not Opportunists

Jane says something really smart on this week’s episode of Wingnut Social, which is that you should think of networking as an opportunity, but don’t be an opportunist. In other words it’s a chance to meet and connect with people, but don’t try to take advantage. Often that means having a good sense of what you are looking for when you approach someone, everything from being a fan of that person or looking for a mentor.

It can be difficult to get the energy to network. But as Jane says on this week’s episode, it’s something that can really benefit your interior design business, and there are ways to make it less scary. Schedule your days, identify small events that speak to your interests, and look for communities where you’ll feel comfortable.

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