The Hidden ROI of Starting a Podcast with Katie Freeman

Episode #124 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Katie is a furniture designer and creator, owner of Freeman Furnishings, and host of the Maker Mom podcast. She believes working with your hands is good for the soul and spends her time creating heirloom-quality woodwork. Listen to this episode to hear why she started her podcast, how it’s helped her career, and what she hopes the future of her furniture design business will look like.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:52] They’re going to Brazil!
  • [4:58] How Katie Freeman became a furniture designer
  • [7:33] Katie’s Podcast: The Maker Mom podcast
  • [10:19] The clientele she’s gotten from her podcast
  • [12:17] Was a local audience by design?
  • [14:43] Build credibility and brand recognition
  • [16:06] Would Katie do anything differently?
  • [18:15] The hidden ROI of starting a podcast
  • [19:58] How does Patreon come into play?
  • [21:32] What up Wingnut! round
  • [23:56] Should Darla start another podcast?
  • [28:22] Blooper Reel!

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Is starting a podcast a waste of time?

Katie Freeman started woodworking as a way to reconnect with who she is while balancing being a mom to two little ones. She is an avid podcast listener and enjoys listening to other makers and creators. But she noticed something she found disconcerting: none of the voices she heard were female. She decided it was time to create a podcast and get a female voice in her industry.

She honed in on a niche for Mom’s who wanted to run a business while raising a family. So she launched her podcast on 10/19/2018 and has garnered quite a following. Katie points out that it hasn’t led to her landing a design client—but it has helped her become a trusted voice in her community. In fact, 50% of her listeners are local, and she believes that’s essential to her success.

The hidden ROI of a podcast

While Katie hopes that someday her podcast will help her land some design clients, it has led to some wonderful opportunities. She can point people to listen to her podcast—with a built-in track record—versus just pitching them. Because of it, she’s been able to land speaking engagements and is actually jetting off to present at a conference soon after the recording of this episode.

The local recognition she’s gained for being an expert in her space has led to an unusual opportunity—being able to teach classes at a local shared maker’s space. She shares her class schedule on the podcast and lets her listeners know they can sign up for it.

Because she creates and edits her podcast herself, she has very little overhead cost. With the opportunities it has afforded her, starting a podcast has been worth it. Keep listening to find out how she markets herself locally, what she would have done differently, and how she uses Patreon to bring in income.

BONUS CONTENT: Darla and Natalie chat about the potential to launch another podcast! Don’t miss it!

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