The ABCs of Shooting an IGTV Video with Shana Heinricy

Episode #101 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:05] Shooting a video for IGTV
  • [2:25] The 4 places to post videos on Instagram
  • [4:10] Prepping for an IGTV video
  • [7:00] Basic structure your video should follow 
  • [9:10] Equipment to invest in
  • [10:55] Tips and tricks for the shooting process
  • [14:30] How to post the video on IGTV
  • [17:00] Video is THE way to communicate

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How do you prepare to shoot an IGTV video?

Shana cannot emphasize enough—don’t write a script for your video. How a person writes is 100% different than how they speak. The perfect grammar and word choice are important for writing. What’s important for video (and podcasts) is being informal and conversational. Here are a couple of things Shana recommends:

  • Write keywords or phrases to guide your video
  • Cover the main points—using numbered steps is a great option!
  • Include transitions into new topics
  • Give clear and useable takeaways for your audience 

What do the viewers want to know? What questions are they asking? Shana points out you need to keep these questions at the forefront of your mind when preparing a video. She notes you can also take some pointers from a recent blog post and transform them into a video. 

What should the basic structure of an IGTV video look like? 

YouTube and Instagram influencers alike use a particular formula for the videos they create: an introduction, the body of the video, and a conclusion. What should each of those look like?

  1. The introduction: Introduce the topic of your video and ask listeners to comment with questions they’d like you to answer. This is a great place to ask them to subscribe to your channel! It’s all about engagement.
  2. The body: Go through your main points (using transitions) and answer listener questions—and post your next one!
  3. The conclusion: Give a quick recap of your topic, remind them to like your video and subscribe, and leave them with a challenge (a specific action to carry out). 

If you shoot your video in this format, you should develop an interactive following of subscribers.

Listen to the whole episode for tips on the shooting process, how to post it to IGTV, and why designers NEED to be using IGTV as their primary video platform! It’s time to join the video bandwagon!

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