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Episode #100 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Jarret Yoshida joins Darla and Natalie to chat about the systems and tools he’s integrated into his design business. Jarret is an interior designer in New York City, specializing in high-end residential spaces. His background in the tech space drove him to fully embrace tech tools to drive his business forward.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:00] Special Blooper Reel episode for Christmas!
  • [4:50] Jarret Yoshida joins Darla and Natalie
  • [6:30] Project Management Software for designers
  • [15:40] Find what works best for your firm
  • [18:15] Jarret’s Interior design style
  • [19:30] How Jarret schedules meetings
  • [23:05] Client communication
  • [25:45] Client presentations
  • [30:20] Internal communication
  • [36:55] Google Suite for emails
  • [38:30] Embracing technology will make your life easier
  • [40:40] What up Wingut Round!
  • [43:15] Connect with Jarrett

Connect with Jarret Yoshida

Resources & People Mentioned

Project Management Software for designers

If you’re like most designers, the majority of your time is spent designing and being creative. No one likes to take time away from what they love to invest time into bookkeeping—especially on a platform that doesn’t serve you. Jarret found that Quickbooks was too generic, and began searching for a system that better served the needs of a designer.

So he started using Design Manager, and the difference was astounding. It was easy to learn. The financial tracking and project management was geared towards the design industry. It helped him become more productive and efficient. He points out that you can’t be afraid to stray from the industry standards to find something better.

Darla and Natalie have tried Ivy and currently use Mydoma and adore it. The goal is to find what works best for you and your firm. To hear more about how Design Manager and Mydoma integrate with the design world, be sure to listen to the whole episode!

Tech tools: shiny, new, and unexpected

Jarret, Darla, and Natalie all advocate embracing technology and the tools that simplify your life and business. Slack is a great tool for internal communication within your business. Asana is a platform that Darla and Natalie love for keeping on-task with projects. G Suite (Google) is great for client presentations, email, and much more.

While advocating for technology, Jarret also points out that we cannot forget the human element. There is something special about the human touch and engaging with clients face-to-face. After all, they hired you because they like you, who you are, and what your design aesthetic is. It is all part of the luxury experience you want your clients to feel.

Jarret loves being surrounded by his team. It’s so much easier to collaborate, critique ideas, and be productive when you can communicate in-person. His firm is small and intimate enough that this is still feasible. Embracing technology is not about forgetting your roots or removing the human touch. It’s about integrating tools into your system that allows you to focus on what you do best.

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