Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest for Your Business

Episode #069 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Boy! There is a lot that’s happened with Pinterest in our absence! Take a few moments to listen, learn about Tailwind, Tribes, and Pinterest – and find out how you can join our new little Design Tribe on Tailwind to help you get your Pinterest shares rocking! 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:50] The Pinterest Design Bloggers United Tribe – wanna join us?
  • [09:01] What is Tailwind?
  • [6:11] The amazing benefits Pinterest Tribes made with just a few tweaks

Resources & People Mentioned

  • Tailwind (look for Tribe – Design Bloggers United)
  • Melissa’s episode about Pinterest (episode 16)

Join our Tribe! 

Design Bloggers United

Brief Tutorial Video

Hurricane Dorian missed us – but we’re catching the Tailwind (see what we did there?)

When Darla jumped onto Tailwind to see what was going on with the app she discovered something amazing. You can now become part of a “tribe” – or make your own! What is a tribe? It’s a group of people who share pins oriented around the same topics – like design work. Those people rally together to share each other’s pins and give everyone involved a boost in the Pinterest algorithms in the process.

Dara’s created her own tribe – Design Bloggers United – and is inviting you to be a part of the tribe. Just grab the Tailwind app, find the Design Bloggers United tribe, ask to join, and once you’re approved you’ll be able to get in on all the Pinteresting fun (see what we did there, too?).

Why Pinterest? Why now?

This little PInterest experiment comes about because of an encounter Darla had with a new Wingnut Social client. As she shared her social media status, Darla noticed something – there were plenty of social platforms our team could definitely help her with, but she was rocking Pinterest in amazing ways all on her own. A little bit of prodding later, and Darla found out it was Tailwind Tribes at the heart of the action. Nothing like a little bit of humble pie to give you a new obsession, huh?

Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest

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