Stellar Sales Techniques for Interior Designers with Nikki Rausch

Episode #097 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Nikki runs Sales Maven—and with over 24 years of experience—she is a seasoned expert in the sales world. She is the author of 3 books (one of which you get for FREE) and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn to sell. It’s no longer about the aggressive sale but about being conversational and invitational. If you’re ready to step-up your sales game, check out this episode now!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [3:00] Sales techniques with Nikki Rausch
  • [5:40] Nikki’s background in sales
  • [7:50] What is the biggest struggle?
  • [10:15] Be conversational and invitational
  • [15:55] Offering a solution to someone’s problem
  • [18:00] How to mitigate sticker shock
  • [26:10] How sales have changed
  • [29:15] Is email enough of a follow-up?
  • [32:30] What up Wingnut Round
  • [35:10] How to connect with Nikki

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Sales techniques include being conversational and strategic

Sales have garnered such a tarnished reputation and most people equate salespeople with being aggressive and pushy. In this changing world, it’s important to flip that skewed worldview upside down and make your sales strategy conversational. If you struggle with what to say and how to say it, you aren’t alone. 

Nikki desires to help make the sales process simple by coaching you through the conversations.

Not only do you want your interactions with clients to be conversational and not pushy, but you want it to be invitational as well. Nikki says it may not feel natural, but you want to invite the client to work with you. If you don’t ask them to hire you, it leaves them feeling unsatisfied. 

To hear how Nikki suggests navigating the sales conversation with clients, be sure to listen!

Remember that the sales process isn’t about you

Darla points out that it’s so easy to let your internal critic tear you down: You sound like an idiot. You’re bombing this presentation. But instead of focusing inwards, you must remove yourself from the equation. Your proposal is about meeting the client’s needs, solving a problem, offering a solution, etc. It is not about you.

You want to be constantly moving the conversation in the direction of a sale. Consumers are more savvy and skeptical than ever before. Nikki points out that people know when they’re being sold—so ask the right questions, give recommendations, and give the opportunity to buy

Remember that potential clients who have sought you out are looking for an expert willing to take the time to assess their needs. Give them what they’re looking for in a conversational and invitational way, and you’re already taking the necessary steps to simplify the sales process.

To hear more of Nikki’s sales techniques and specific examples, listen to this amazing episode of the Wingnut Social podcast!

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