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Episode #002 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Wingnut Social – Ep. 02

On today’s show, Darla speaks to the Chief Wingnut Specialist at Wingnut Social, Stefanie Scalish. Stefanie is super-passionate about social media and dives into it every day. She loves helping designers figure out what their goals are and then helping them hone in on them by using social media. Stefanie has seen first-hand how social media has really helped Darla Powell Interiors skyrocket and knows how to use social media to its fullest.

Natalie Grafe, CFO at Wingnut, also joins the show today to weigh in on the importance of using social media as a business tool. Listen in to today’s episode to find out more about how using social media can help your business.

Show Highlights:

The effectiveness of social media marketing for social media designers

Using vanity metrics, the likes you receive on a post

Frustration with growth on social media

Fear of showing your true self on social media

Obtaining clients from social media

Targeting the correct audience who may ultimately become clients

Using correct strategies to increase brand awareness

Should you boost your Facebook ads?

Is paid advertising on social media necessary?

Listen to the Quick-Fire round to discover more about Stefanie.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep targeting ideal clients by effectively using social media.

If you are too busy to do your own social media marketing, reach out to Darla, Natalie, and the expert team at Wingnut Social.

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