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Episode #022 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Now it would be easy to fudge the numbers a bit, and count some accounts as driven by social media because maybe a client became aware of Darla Powell Interiors through Instagram or Pinterest. But Darla and Natalie take a hard look at the numbers, and only count the work they’ve landed directly from someone through a social media portal, whether it be Facebook, Houzz, or another platform. They also outline how much they charge and how many hours they work on a project, so you can then calculate your own ROI. The numbers may surprise you.

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The #1 social media platform in terms of ROI

Darla and Natalie go through every social media account and track client work from each platform. Some, like Facebook, have yielded a handful of clients, and some, like Pinterest, may be more about generating word of mouth. But the top social media platform for interior designers in terms of ROI has been Instagram.

Instagram has generated four full-service projects for Darla and Natalie, including a full-home redesign and another that’s an entire floor of a house. And one of the clients from Instagram is actually Darla Powell Interiors’ first commercial project. The numbers truly show how much Instagram, and all social media, generate not just little red hearts, but actual green dollars for an interior design company.

Discover the true ROI of social media for interior designers

If you’re interested in seeing the numbers that Darla and Natalie discuss on this week’s show, you can email info[@] for a PDF. The numbers don’t lie, and while skepticism is never a bad thing when it comes to ROI, as Darla and Natalie say in this week’s episode, the proof is in the pudding. Mmmmm…pudding.

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