Should An Interior Design Podcast Be Part Of Your Strategy? with Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole

Episode #066 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Have you considered starting your own podcast? Should you? This conversation is laser focused – we’re talking with Joann Kendrac and Kelly Kole about the why, what, and how of starting a podcast. They had never considered it but when they continued to get encouragement that they’d be great at it, they took the plunge. Should you?

Joann and Kelly share their experience, tell how they got started, explain the equipment and help they need to pull it off (and you WILL need help at some point), and more. Don’t miss this conversation. We promise, you’ll have no smoke blown up your you-know-what. They tell you the truth about the hard work of starting your own podcast – but encourage you to do it all the same. Find out why – listen now!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:35] Our first confirmed speaking engagement at High Point Market
  • [5:14] Why we’ve invited Kandrac and Kole on the podcast
  • [8:17] The motivation behind starting “Inside Design” (Karma involved)
  • [12:33] Why a podcast? What’s the ultimate goal of the show?
  • [17:51] The challenges that came with starting the show
  • [24:40] Should new designers even consider a podcast?
  • [27:06] Recommended gear and services
  • [31:00] How a blog helps you promote and support a podcast
  • [33:27] The “What Up Wingnut” round
  • [39:51] That was a nothing-held-back conversation – no smoke blown up your butt

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YOUR interior design podcast should reflect YOUR experience

During this conversation Natalie asked Joann and Kelly if a newer designer should even consider starting a podcast and they had a very interesting response: Maybe, but not likely. What does that mean? They could see situations where someone with a very specific niche with very specific skills within the industry might be able to add value to an audience as a beginner, but in most cases they feel that a new designer simply wouldn’t have the experience needed to add value to their listeners.

But – they could be wrong.

Listen for yourself and decide if you agree with them, and to hear what it takes to get your podcast started, keep it going, market it, and more. If you’ve been considering a podcast of your own to support your interior design work, this may be the resource you’ve been looking for.

You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment or crazy audio editing skills to start a podcast – honest

If you’ve got something to say and think you have an audience that’s eager to listen, you really need to put in the work to serve them well through a podcast. But don’t let that statement scare you away – it’s not that you need to develop an entirely new skillset (in most cases). There are services out there to help you with the audio and writing and even the publication of the podcast once you get it started. That allows you to focus on your area of genius – the great content you have to share.

On this episode we cover all of that and more – telling you how we (and our guests, Kendrac and Kole) organize and prepare for recordings, how we get the recording sessions done in a simple way, and then hand it off to be done by professionals (who fix all our mistakes). If that sounds like something you could do then you need to make sure you hear what we share on this episode. It’s worth your time – and your future podcasting audience will thank you!

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