Sean Castrina: Never Say “No” to a “Yes”

Episode #207 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Why should you never say “no” to a small project? How can you walk away without leaving money on the table? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Sean Castrina shares how he lands the clients and projects he wants—which means saying a lot of “yes.” If you’re ready to level-up your business, don’t miss this episode.

Sean Castrina is a serial entrepreneur, having started more than 20 companies over the last 20 years, and still seeks to launch a new venture annually. He is the author of 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup SuccessThe Greatest Entrepreneur in the World, and the World’s Greatest Business Plan. He hosts one of the most popular business podcasts on the planet—The 10 Minute Entrepreneur. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:57] A Well-Designed Business Vol. 2
  • [3:24] Shoppable posts on Instagram
  • [10:48] All about Sean Castrina
  • [12:55] Don’t leave money on the table
  • [14:12] How to upsell your design services
  • [19:05] Vetting high-end interior design clients
  • [22:12] Why you should never turn down a yes
  • [28:47] The relationship with the designer
  • [31:40] Employ the right advertising
  • [35:25] Should you list pricing online?
  • [37:02] Sean’s genius marketing strategies
  • [41:24] What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [43:19] Learn more about Sean Castrina
  • [48:38] Blooper Reel!

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Upsell your design services with these simple steps

80% of the work is out of the way once you meet with a client. The cost to acquire a customer is the heavy lifting. Why wouldn’t they want to give you more business? It’s more convenient for them to use you in the process. It’s not to their advantage to have five different contractors in this process. Wouldn’t they rather have him control the project and be responsible for it?

Sean emphasizes that “Customers want convenience, deadlines, and adhering to a budget more than any other thing.” They perceive that it will be simpler to hire multiple people or that they’ll save money. But speed and the right outcome will override money any time. Sean establishes a budget they can bet their life on. He will guard their money like oxygen.

He’s giving them the convenience of having only one person to be accountable to. Once you bring other people in, it becomes a nightmare. So Sean uses his own subcontractors/employees. What if the client insists on using their own contractors? How does Sean vett his clients? Listen to hear what Sean thinks you should do.

Never turn down a “yes”

Sean implores you: Never turn down a “Yes” of a target customer. The customer is saying “We want to see how this goes.” He knows he will exceed their expectations so he’ll gain all the money later anyway. What do you gain by leaving? You’ll lose a customer indefinitely. If they only want a small project completed and you’re still getting your hourly rate? Just say yes.

There is no job too small if you have your target customer. You are trying to collect the most people that like and need what you offer. Sean loves having small jobs in-between large jobs. It’s a great way to introduce your business to a target customer and develop a relationship that can lead to more work down the road.

Why you need to employ the right advertising

Sean knows that their advertising lets people know that they’re not cheap from the get-go. That’s the point. They run regional super-bowl ads and radio ads. They have brand new vans. They have a huge corner office. You can define your credibility from the beginning with the right advertising.

His target customer needs to understand that every purchase won’t be the least expensive thing. If they’re going to buy everything from Wayfair, they don’t need Sean. The image you put out in your advertising can project pricing. You can frame your ads to make yourself look the next tier that you are.

What are some more of Sean’s genius marketing strategies? How does he continuously deliver value for his clients? Listen for more of Sean’s expert business advice.

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