Promoted Pins on Pinterest: Invest in this Ad Strategy

Episode #161 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:38] Why you NEED to boost your posts
  • [2:41] Boosting a post? The algorithm applies
  • [3:22] Promoted pins: strategy #1
  • [4:40] Promoted pins: strategy #2 
  • [5:11] Targeting your audience 101
  • [8:40] What applies to Pinterest?
  • [9:20] How to budget for boosted posts

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Budgeting for your Pinterest pins

Wasting your time and money on follow/unfollow tactics or even buying followers will result in a whole lot of spam. What should you do instead? You can take the same money you’d spend on those services and use it on promoted pins. You’re not buying a set amount of impressions. You’re adding a budget—and depending on your post performance—they’re going to show it to a certain number of people. But these would be people that want to follow you and are interested in what you’re doing. It will get you better results—for the same amount of money. 

So how much money does Shana recommend spending? She points out that you can do really well if you implement a $300 monthly budget for promoted pins. But even $20 or $50 should bring you some progress. You should see account growth, more followers, and increased engagement on promoted pins AND other content. It is one of THE best tactics to grow your audience. 

Promoted Pins on Pinterest: What’s the big deal? 

Just like boosting posts on Instagram or Facebook, promoting pins on Pinterest is all about increasing engagement. Pinterest is typically focused on evergreen content surrounding life’s moments. So think about things like weddings, moving into college, someone’s first child, or being an empty-nester. Create your content to target those life events and, of course, relate them back to interior design. 

Another type of post that does really well on Pinterest? Infographics. Shana recommends putting together infographics full of useful information and trying to focus on promoting those pins. Lastly, you want to promote pins that are already performing well for you. The bottom line? Promoted pins can be a game-changer when done right. Listen to this minisode for all the details! 

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