Project Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (with Tonya Thomas)

Episode #297 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Project Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Are you an interior designer struggling with organization and project management? Tonya Thomas joins us today to share some tips and tools that she’s used to help CEOs grow their teams from 1 employee to 50, lead multi-million-dollar revenue growth, and free up their time to oversee major expansion projects. Also in this episode, Tonya explains how hiring a virtual assistant is the key to a complete organizational overhaul.

Project Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Tonya Thomas is the founder of Team Delegate, a provider of elite virtual executive assistant support to seasoned executives turned small business owners. Tonya is a speaker, 20+ year business owner, and host of the Unbottleneck Your Business podcast. She excels in helping CEOs grow their teams from 1 employee to 50, lead multi-million-dollar revenue growth, and free up their time to oversee major expansion projects.


Why are systems important for businesses? Systems create consistency and organization! A lot of times we have systems in place and don’t realize it – for example, if you have an assistant that manages your calendar through Google Calendars or Outlook, that’s a system! Your system consists of the tools that you use, and how you use the tools.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are super important to put in place for your business. They create organization, and they’re also helpful in case of turnover – you won’t need to utilize your time to train new hires because a well-created SOP can be used effortlessly for onboarding. It’s important that your SOPs are both written and visual, because everyone learns differently (adding in videos can help visual learners). Creating SOPs can also help identify issues within your overall workflow and ultimately allow you to smooth out your processes.

Some helpful project management tools are Asana,, and Teamwork. Tonya personally uses Teamwork for projects. Even if it’s just you and one other person, having a project management system is crucial because it organizes your work. When you’re working with others, especially if it’s remote, a project management system really helps create cohesion and consistency as you’re working together virtually.

What’s a virtual assistant, and do I need one? If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily need a full-time employee, but are seeking some help in managing your calendar and other tasks, an executive virtual assistant can work for you. Your company can either be in person or remote, it doesn’t matter – a virtual assistant can help both! An assistant will help create systems for your business, and also research project management and organization tools that suit you and your team.


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