Overcome Your Inner Shadows to Reach Your Soul Goals (with Anna Tsui)

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Business owners know what to do to get where they need to go. But every time they find success, they start thinking in circles and second-guessing themselves. Self-sabotage begins to kick in. Anna Tsui has noticed this with everyone she’s worked with. For Darla, self-sabotage translates into procrastination and self-doubt. So why do we people self-sabotage? What can you do to mitigate that voice in your head? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Anna talks about how to overcome self-sabotage and find your zone of genius. 

Anna Tsui is a genius coach, international speaker, writer, and serial entrepreneur, and founder of the Intuitive Business School. She is also the best-selling author of “Shadow Magic: Turn Your Fear into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business.”

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:24] Mini News: Instagram like counts
  • [4:30] Learn more about Anna Tsui
  • [9:07] The interplay between your shadows and self-sabotage
  • [14:18] Pinpoint your soul’s goals
  • [16:43] The difference between self-sabotage and self-harm
  • [25:43] The most common shadow Anna sees in women
  • [27:31] How to overcome the shadows
  • [30:54] The zone of genius (get more at Wingnut Premium!)
  • [33:05] The “What Up Wingnut!” round
  • [34:12] How to connect with Anna
  • [37:28] Wingnut Blooper Reel!

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The interplay between your shadows and self-sabotage

It all starts with your inner critic, or as Anna likes to call it, your shadows. Anna believes you inherit shadows from your family, culture, lineage, place of birth, religion, and more. The unconscious beliefs can come from your parents, religion, community, etc. Shadows also come from unconscious inner woundings where you don’t feel like you deserve something. These are the parts of you that are insecure and you don’t feel fully confident or loved. People are afraid of being visible and being seen for who they really are. Many people think if they are themselves, they’ll be judged. All of this comes from an unconscious part of you that’s just scared.

Anna believes you have to recognize that there is a magnetic message that only you can offer to the world. Your ideal clients want to experience the essence of who you are. It takes bravery. But when you want to show up in a certain way and something is holding you back, that’s part of your shadow. It’s part of your ego that keeps you in a safe container. It’s a great place to survive—but you won’t thrive or grow. 

When is the universe telling you there’s a new direction to go?

Do you want that lifestyle that you envy so much in other people? Will you be working all the time? Is it something you really want, or is it your ego taking over? 

Anna believes you should focus on your soul goals. What goals allow you to feel the way you want to feel? Anna points out that sometimes you really don’t know until you do it. You have to take the first steps to try it out. If you want to rebrand and try a different persona, do it. If it works for you, great! If it doesn’t, then you know. Don’t let your shadows hold you back. 

Anna points out that when Darla is talking about Wingnut Social (versus her interior design business), her energy is completely different. The energy of what you love feels so different. Money and success can come in the way of doing what you love. But fear, guilt, and doubt say “You can’t do that.”

“When you feel into the fears and when it stops you, that’s when you know.”

How to overcome your shadows

People don’t realize how much fear is running their business. If you’re surrounding yourself with “I can’t do this because…” then it’s time to take a breath and realize your fear is running the show. 

Sometimes if you take a few small steps, you’ll start feeling charged because what you’re doing gives you energy. If you show up with confidence, people perceive you differently. It’s really important to have a coach that can reassure you and lend you their energy when you’re tapped dry.

Anna also recommends that you carve out and own that you are important and your self-care is important as a factor that helps your business thrive. Anna also loves the concept of connecting with your inner saboteur. If you ask “What’s going on?” you’ll find you’ll get a response. It’s all about building awareness. You have to build a relationship with these parts of yourself. The deeper the relationship, the more you can get into the juiciness of the human experience.

Anna has developed a process to help people connect to their zone of genius (and connect to their genius flow). Want to learn more? Check out the premium episodes of Wingnut Social!

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