OK, Boomer: Your [Ideal] Marketing Demographic IS on Social Media!

Episode #115 the Wingnut Social Podcast

In this Monday Marketing Minisode, the ladies will share some fascinating statistics about popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Listen to the end for a surprising statistic they didn’t see coming!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:36] The best thing about the Super Bowl
  • [1:40] The demographic on social media
  • [3:10] Facebook Statistics
  • [5:30] Instagram Statistics
  • [7:00] Twitter Statistics
  • [8:00] LinkedIn Statistics
  • [10:20] YouTube Statistics
  • [12:13] Your target audience IS on social media
  • [13:48] Use the #WowWingnut hashtag!

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Your marketing demographic on 5 platforms

If you’ve doubted the necessity of marketing your design firm on social media, here are some statistics that will blow your mind:


  • 79% of 30–49 year olds use Facebook
  • 68% of 50–64 year olds use Facebook
  • 74% make an income of $75,000 or higher
  • 74% also have a college education


  • 47% of 30–49 year olds use Instagram
  • 23% of 50–64 year olds use Instagram
  • 43% have a college education
  • 42% make an income of over $75,000

Most of Darla and Natalie’s ideal clients use Instagram. It’s a great place to show off your work and give potential clients a visual representation of what you can do for their space. In fact, most of Darla’s design clients come from Instagram!


  • 26% of 30–49 year olds use Twitter
  • 17% of 50–64 year olds use Twitter
  • 32% have a college education
  • 32% make an income of over $75,000

Twitter isn’t the ideal space for interior design BUT it is good for tagging and reaching out to brands that DO have a strong Twitter presence.


  • 37% of 30–49 year olds use LinkedIn
  • 24% of 50–64 year olds use LinkedIn
  • 51% have a college education
  • 49% make an income of over $75,000

It may not be the prettiest platform, but a chunk of your target market still exists here!


Darla and Natalie were astounded when they read the YouTube statistics. It just proves that video truly is king—for any age. It is the #1 social media platform.

  • 87% of 30–49 year olds use YouTube
  • 70% of 50–64 year olds use YouTube
  • 80% have a college education
  • 83% have an income over $75,000

The proof is in the pudding

Darla and Natalie didn’t want to bore you with statistics but they are SO important and help prove their point: You need to be on social media. It’s a long game, but you have nothing to lose.

The days of sending out mailers or passing out paper flyers are no more. You cannot simply rely on referrals and word-of-mouth. You need a pipeline that won’t dry up—social media can provide that for you.

If you’ve been putting it off and delaying the inevitable, embrace it. Get your business on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever platform best matches your marketing demographic. Your customers will find you when you go where they are.

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