Niche Until it Hurts: Erica Reiner’s Love for Eco-Friendly Design

Episode #229 the Wingnut Social Podcast

After a career in environmental science Erica Reiner decided to marry her two loves—environmental science and design—and became an eco-friendly designer. Erica’s passion is to help people transform their space, health, and the planet. She does full-service and eDesign for both residential and commercial clients. She also has her own podcast called “Green by Design.” Listen to this episode of Wingnut Social to hear about her journey to niche until it hurts.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:16] Don’t forget to check out Wingnut Social!
  • [4:45] Mini News Sesh: Instagram’s newest feature
  • [7:24] All about eco-friendly designer Erica Reiner
  • [13:20] Wat eco-friendly design means to Erica
  • [17:09] Erica’s strategies for marketing
  • [20:50] Check out Build Lane for custom furniture!
  • [23:02] Don’t be afraid to niche until it hurts
  • [28:48] Did COVID ramp up the desire for eco-friendly design?
  • [30:48] How can the design industry become greener?
  • [34:10] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [39:34] Blooper Reel! 

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What eco-friendly design means to Erica

Erica notes that eco-friendly is an umbrella term that can include human health and a deep look at chemical exposures and toxicity. It can also include the impact you’re having on the earth itself. It’s why Erica incorporates eco-friendly design into her entire method. She weaves in eco-friendly things that make sense in every project. Her goal was to make sustainability and eco-friendly design as accessible as possible. 

Each client Erica works with is kept informed of what she’s doing with a customized “green guide” for their project. While she is careful to spend money on what’s important to the client, they are all aware that she incorporates eco-friendly sourcing. She works with vendors who strive to create sustainable pieces. 

So is Erica’s design style considered Vegan? Listen to hear why Erica believes she can’t fall into that category. HINT: it’s about sustainability…

Don’t be afraid to niche until it hurts

Erica designs so many different types of aesthetics but it’s always classified within eco-friendly design. After Erica shifted to full-time design in 2018, she felt like she failed miserably. But when she stopped offering eco-friendly design as a separate service and incorporated it into her entire process, everything changed. The efforts she made with SEO started to pay off. 

Darla never recommends that you do something you don’t love. If you’re passionate about different aesthetics, do it. Erica still has the thread of eco-friendly design woven in. Erica believes that if you’re afraid to niche, you’re embracing a scarcity mindset. If you niche into something you’re passionate about it will be enough to sustain you. 

Erica also chose a niche because she desires to teach other home pros and designers about the importance of eco-friendly design. She launched a podcast that shares tips and tricks, how-tos, what to be aware of—anything green. It’s another piece of the marketing puzzle to become an authority in the eco-friendly industry. Erica emphasizes that environmental problems and human health problems are one and the same. There is so much improvement to come in the movement toward greener and cleaner.

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